Ebb and flow bucket drainage problem

60ltr =
17 width
23 length
13 height
42ltr =
15 width
21 length
11 height
24ltr =
13 width
17 length
8 height
16ltr =
11 width
14 length
6 Height

All of the above are transparent, but ill spray em black. Go with the 8 inches high 24 litre one?

You don’t have access to the black/yellow totes? Clear ones are nowhere near as strong so may have to double up. I did one ebb and flow tray with a little clear 12 X 16 sterilite tote and it worked just fine but a lot of algae did develop.

I sized mine based on the footprint I was trying to illuminate: these are something like 36" X 24".

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Problems of a country without a walmart, lol. Could you do me a solid and measure the height please? Thanks for the footprint tip, ill keep that in mind.

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I agree that you should try whatever and see how things go. I see people say they are successful with a number of different feeding cycles.


4" net pots are 3" deep, tray depth is 4 1/2".


What kind of lights are you using and what kind of yield do you normally expect.

I’m using Gen 1 Bridgelux EB strips on a diy build, 3,000K. I can expect to pull 2 oz per plant in that setup, minimum.


Do you know how many grows you have on that light?

So you don’t clean your totes between grows, seeing as your lids are permanently fixed. Whats Bob’s your Uncle, i cant find it on the internet LOL.

Bottom of tote is cut into 3 parts with the middle part discarded. Lid is attached to upper section and upper section with lid fits over bottom piece. Makes for easy cleanup and maintenance.

My guy, if you would, could ya hope on over to this thread. I tried to copy your system but now I got rot root. FML

How long do you soak your roots for? 30 mins?

30 minute wet every 3 hours or so.