Easy way to make edibles

Looking for simple recipes for weed. I know how to prepare the weed in the oven but looking for a lazy eatable recipe.

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@blackthumbbetty is the go to for edibles search her threads but edibles do take some work they do make appliances like the magic butter machine which simplify’s the process


Can you tell us your process, what type of edibles you are looking for, etc.


Well, you can always do the old standby and bake it some brownies. Clean and decarb your stash and add it to the brownie mix. Easy peasy, lemon squeezey

@Jimmke: @Myfriendis410 @dirtydave @oldmarine have you covered. I used @Caligurl recipe for chocolate bears and they where gooooood nice mellow body high.

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Simplest method I use is to decarb the flower and just eat that.
No added ingredients and does the same thing with less processing and less processing helps keep it closer to what nature intended giving you more of what the plant offers.
And in my opinion it tastes great.


That is what I ended up doing! Easy and if you want you can add it to tea

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