Easy trim, high yield, outdoor Aussie strain

Can anyone recommend a high yielding strain that can be grown outdoor and is easy to trim once harvested. I grew some unknown seeds this year and the trimming was a nightmare. Thanks

I think you’re an Auto-flower candidate!
Some day when they come out with “Auto-trim” I think you’ll be a candidate for that too!

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Ha, yes I would be all for the auto trim. I will start in oct ( mid spring), so I don’t think I need auto flowering seeds.

I grew gorilla glue outside over here this year in kiwi land and the trimming was alright , a lot better then the blue dream or mk ultra I also grew

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Thanks mate, I will take a look at it.

Algood bro il tag @Ausgrow in

How as the Hindu kush to prune?

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The Hindu is pretty easy. I did pure indica recently and it’s the easiest so far. You want to go with indica strains. Tighter buds, less leaves, easy to trim and knock out smoke. Every Sativa I’ve ever grown was torture to control and trim.
I’m doing a G13 now so I guess I’m a sucker for punishment.


Thanks for the info mate. How was the yield on the pure indica?

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It was in a cut down paint bucket (8-10L) in coco inside under a 600w hps and yielded 6.5oz. Which I was really impressed with. I dropped the seed into water on New Year’s Day and put it in jars last night. :call_me_hand:t2::drooling_face::exploding_head:

White rhino , got a 2.5lb plant last season

Nice work. Cheers mate!