Easy to grow for a newbie

which plant is the easy to grow in doors and hardy with a good yeild. ive heard white widow is simples and blue cheese ? but do you guys know better . please inform me

White widow is a good, hardy strain, good yields. Gold leaf is also and one of my favorites. Also a big yielder.


He took the words outta my mouth. My first rec for beginners and pros alike from ILGM is White Widow. That strain is amazing and after u get it past seedling basically wont die. :rofl::joy::rofl: trust me. Ive tried

Second vote goes actually to Dream. Ive seen an… how we shall say… hmmm idgit?(@Gremmall ) make that strain last for going on 2 years now. Has to be unkillable as well.


i just love the site and all you guys,… you lot will make a grower out of me yet xxxx

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Zkittles is also a great yielding beginner friendly great blend of feel good , and energy too ( my personal 1st too)totally bumbled my way through that auto grow but still ended up with 3+ oz each


Agree with all stated. WW was my first grow and was abused and still produced a decent yield. 6 auto skittlez in my closet growing now. AK-47 is another grow friendly strain.


Agree with bob. Get photos though if your a beginner. Regardless of what the site says autos are a pain for beginners imo

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These were photos by the way

Depends on who you ask?I grow both. Agree to start with photos but autos are fun and compact, won’t take too much LST due to it being an auto though. My first indoors were photos and glad I went that route. They’re definitely more forgiving when you screw up and I’ve done plenty of that :love_you_gesture:


I’m not saying that autos cant ve fun to grow i just don’t think they are for beginners for same reasons you’ve stated. Beginners are going to make mistakes and mess up thats how you learn and your just wasting money and are going to be disappointed when they stress them and stunt them or they hermie and have a ton of probs lol photos are dedd more forgiving you can fix them and make them bigger, practice lst top fim clone do whatever on them.

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On point bro! My experiences exactly :love_you_gesture:

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I feel like it should be northern instead of gum. But meh. Marijuana Seeds For Beginners Mixpack - Easy To Grow! | ILGM
About $7 a bean. Lots of experience to be had. I started with Cannabis Sativa Seeds Mixpack - Free USA Shipping >> ILGM.

Northern definitely one of the hardiest strains tho. Gotta try to kill it to do so. Buy Northern Lights Feminized Seeds - USA Shipping >> ILGM

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be nice but they wont send to where im at…pitty

For a Newbie in my opinion no Auto period. Those things take experience to grow. Don’t think so? Look around the autoflower support thread.

ILGM Super Skunk is there best cut-seed. It is easy, as you can’t seem to over fertilize them and they have a great taste and high. They do need supports for the heavy buds.

So this here is zskitles and Mac hybrid 6th gen clone can anyone tell me if this is looking right on point or do I need to do something. This is my first time doing it alone and I could use some tips

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