Easy security solution


For less than 40 bucks you can get a WiFi spy cam that alerts you to movement around your crops. You can set notifications to your phone. Very easy set up. Here is the one I got. I have 2. Even for indoor grows they can be set up to catch anyone snooping around.

Be Vigilant! 2 Plants Stolen Lastnight, Days Before Harvest

Now THAT is cool


I thought of a security cam that activates by motion. I was wondering if the camera would be set off constantly by the fans blowing the plants around or not. If or when you get it setup keep us updated.


I have 2 you can set the motion settings at 7 levels. Or turn off. Put a mini SS card and it records 24-7


Very nice I never thought of them having a sensitivity setting.


My house ones are be same way


That’s good to know. I was wanting a camera with night vision to so I could both check on them and also want to make a time lapse video.


Harbor freight sells a 4 camera with 2000 hr dvr, motion and night vision for $229


8x10 color pictures stapled to 3ft stakes all over the area. Oh ya the picts are of land mines.


Can always get some of these. Even came with her own 45