Easy as growing weeds

I know a little something about growing MJ, but even the best strains from Robert leave me with subpar results. Been working with auto due to weather etc… lately,but something is not right. No tight buds(popcorn budz) and effects are not worth the money. Wisconsin grown but why is the crop mediocre. HELP! I do use forum but to no avail.
Wish I knew someone local to work with, but ooopppssss it is not legal here yet…

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Not local to you and am still new myself but still might have some input, I just finished a couple grows of autos indoors and my only one outdoors just finished. I couldn’t get dense buds either! I tried both 1000w hps and equivalent LEDs indoors with the HPS being the densest by far. The outdoor plant did ok but no where close to what photo seeds have done for me in the past.
It might just be my experience but I’ve come to accept that that’s just how autos are.

Hmm I recently read lower lights during flowering leads to less dense buds ,I read the best lux for flowering is 45k -50k

Oh and you might have better lights then me but my 1000w led light only gives 25k at about 2.5 feet

I ran 2 mars SP250s doubled up with each throwing just shy of 600 par (so they say). I ran 24hr a day light from start, 24” above in veg and 18” above in flower with week 1 under a t5 seedling to harvest in 8-9 weeks, I did try leaving one plant longer after scoping just to see what it would do and harvested at 11 weeks and didn’t find it denser and potency was way down.

I’ve had tremendous success with ilgm genetics.
I haven’t tried their autos, just photos.
So far my experience with autos (From other seed banks) has been mediocre. It’s a whole different approach I guess.

[quote=“prt420, post:1, topic:51083”].
but ooopppssss it is not legal here ye
Granted, it is currently not The Progressive State.
Our frost-free growing season is the beginning of May to the beginning of October. Within this 160 day time frame how many are high quality bright sunshine days? We only get 180 - 190 for the entire year. Cannabis is a high light intensity plant so we are fighting geography, weather and climate.
How and what are growing? In ground, containers auto strain?
This is my first attempt at trying to grow outside. My jack herer autos have another 5-6 weeks to go. So I do not know what the results will be. I will try to get to the garden today for a photo update.

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@Drinkslinger jack herer autos in the garden. They were hard hit by caterpillars and lost their main colas and many of the side ones. They pretty much had to start over. Seem to have recovered.

The third one is a runt. Love it just the same. Did you mention genetics.

See how the buds do the next month.


Was calling Wisconsin home for 30 years before transplanting to Ohio 7 years ago. Glad I waited on growing until I moved here.:grin::grin: JK…
This being my first grow ever, I wasn’t sure what to expect so went with ILGM autos to get my feet wet. Went with Gorila Glue, started inside under t5 tubes then outside right into the ground. Added amendments of my own to the soil. Like you guys, I assume you.see some of these monster autos people grow on here. Didn’t expect to get that on my first try. However I’m extremely pleased with what I got. Tight, dense, sticky buds that smell up the whole house when trimming. Only did one test smoke so far but the results were far beyond expectations. BLA BLA BLA, the moral of the story, give the genetics another chance. If this dummy can do it anyone can. Just wish I was more experienced to help you out.

these pics were from weeks ago, harvesting now about 3 weeks early because of bud rot and it is still very good smoke.

Sorry to loose you. Where about in WI?
I started with ILGM autos too. No complaints.
About the bud rot. Do you think it was caused by rain or generally high RH?
Initially I thought about about putting up a framed structure with a polycarbonite panel roof for weather protection. Decided to use a light weight 3 season frame instead.

I was living in Kenosha. As far as the bud rot goes, I at first thought it was both. I was hammered with rain followed by high humidity. But I’m kinda leaning toward the humidity being the culprit. If you look over at one of @blackthumbbetty threads she is dealing with it too and I believe her plants are in a greenhouse. That would take the rain out of the equation.


after years of searching for an HONEST DEPENDABLE and GOOD GENETICS SEED SHOP. After being ripped off by scammers in England, Holland and Canada. After getting old dead dry seeds. After spending months trying to get good harvests…and getting crap, I found ILGM. The genetics are the best I have seen in 20+ years of growing. The customer service is excellent. No more, sorry we don’t replace lost seeds or seeds that don’t sprout. ILGM DOES.
I haven’t looked or bought from anyone else in 8 years. Suggest you reassess your growing methods to get a good harvest.
Keep in mind…not all seeds will grow to big plants. Some will, some will just be puny and weakly. This is why I plant a few more than I expect to harvest. Cull the slow growing and weak. They won’t get better. If you see slow weak growth…start more seeds in the first two weeks…after that…too much growth difference.
lots of good growing information FREE here…the Grow Book . Read it.

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Yep. That humidity just beckons the infections. Rain, itself, isn’t bad, but your buds staying moist is. After rain, shake off your plants, if possible.

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