Easy AACT Vortex Brewer

So I am sure there are plenty of threads, I just figured I would share one for the newer people.
It was very easy to make, took all of 20 minutes. Cost me about 50$ with the air pump.
Materials list:
Home Depot
5 Gallon Bucket
Bucket Lid
2 - 1" x 2’ PVC Pipe
3 - 1" Slip 90* Elbow
1 - 1" Slip 45* Elbow
Vinyl Tubing
1" Slip Bulkhead
Eco Plus Commercial Air Plus 1 793 GPH

I build a small box to set it on, Ive seen milk cartons used.
*** Sorry for the sideways Images**

First I cut 1 of the 2’ PVC into sections.
3", 4", 4.5", 5.5"
The second 2’ Piece of PVC is cut to 20 1/2".

Next I took one of the 90* Elbows and drilled a hole in the corner aiming down one of the openings for the Vinyl tube to stick through. I had to epoxy the tube in place as I drilled the whole a little too big.

Next, Cut out a whole in the bottom of the bucket so that the drain will fit in it. I found that cutting out the circle part in the bottom of the bucket was a perfect fit.

After tightening the drain down, it was just a matter of assembling the PVC pieces.
I stuck the 4" slip into the drain, then a 90* elbow

Then the 5 1/2" piece and the elbow with the vinyl hose, you want the vinyl hose on the inside to be pointing up towards the top of the bucket.

The 20 1/2" piece went next, then the last 90* Elbow, The 4 1/2" Piece , The 45* Elbow, and last the 3" piece.
I cut a hole in the lid to fit the 3" piece down into so it won’t splash back.

And the finished Product.

Make sure you keep the pump above the bucket or water level at all times, especially if it is off. This will stop water from going back into the hose and into the pump.
Any questions let me know.

@Johnzy81 here is an instructional and material list on the how to. It is extremely easy, the only thing you need is a handsaw, or something to cut PVC, and a drill, with a drill bit big enough for the tubing. I can definitely help our with any questions.

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Thank you very much @Aolelon I am going to go and pick up what I need and I will definitely give you a knock if that’s okay mate you made it look easy and I believe you when you say it is for sure just that confidence in knowing that I can call on someone for support and maybe the putting together off my composting tea maker I like the sound of that mate class :+1:.

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No problem, just holler if you need any help.

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I had to update the video, the video that was just there wasn’t mine, but is one I based my design on. The parts list Is at the top of the page

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I’m sure that there is alot off new Organic growers that would delighted to be able to have this type of support.


I’m set to watching and am just thinking there is alot off our fellow growers that will appreciate all off this information for sure.


I’ll post my compost tea recipes here when I brew them


Awsome, I’m set to watching, @Aolelon great tutorial.


Awh I was hoping that you seen this @Mrcrabs I was going to tag you in mate.

Hello Nice setup, I like to post this in the payed site… Do you mind?
The link to here…


Thank you my friend,Out of likesmy friend, yes love growing organic.

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Sure no problem

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Thanks for the tutorial, I’m bookmarking this post for later :wink:


@Aolelon mate I can remember were you post the post off the ingredients for the compost tea would you post it here or tag me over just to refresh my memory following so many different threads mate I get mixed up some :v:️.

The compost tea? I havent posted any yet, I did post my soil recipe though @Johnzy81

Sorry mate I must off get you mixed up buddy.

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I made an easy tea just to test it out, and applied a gallon to my soil I have setting.
Applied 3 cups Earthworm Castings
Let it sit for 5 minutes,
Then applies 1/3 alfalfa meal
1-2 tbs. Rock Phosphate
1-2 tbs. Greensand.
2 tbs Non-sulfured Molasses
Let it brew for 36 hours. It looked nice and foamy after that, I was impressed.
I mostly did it to see if I could add crushed vitamin c to my tap water to clear out the chloramines. The bacteria and fungus grew from what I seen proving that it could. Providing a cheap and efficient way to both lower the ph of my tap (9.10 normal) and to rid the chloramines.
I decided to just add the ingredients without a bag, as the bag made the vortex nonexistant.


Nice cool vortex brewer @Aolelon, didn’t knew that you add a topic on the subject, would certainly put a reference link :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :v:

You don’t seems to have an air bubbler, do you think that there’s enough air injected to keep the mix aerobic enough ? Is it needed with a vortex brewer?


Yes, it creates a waterfall effect which is more than enough DO added. I have an air pump hooked to the pipe going up, which pushes oxygen bubbles and the water up as well…
The are people who do RDWC using the waterfall method, and no air pumps, and there is more than enough DO.
There are a couple websites online that have measured the DO just using airstones, vs a vortex brewer. The vortex brewer keeps the mixture moving, making sure there no anaerobic spots in the water, which an airstone can create.
Not saying there arent other methods. But from what I’ve read, it is one of the better methods in brewing.