Eastern Ontario Outdoor Grow

@Packof3 very strange. I am about an hour and a half north west of Toronto. Those last pics were from Tuesday and these are today

They are showing sex but no flowering at all yet

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The sun is changing my friends :sunglasses::+1:t2: Happy growing

I wish we were getting sun up here. Been shit rain and overcast for the most part of last 2.5 weeks

@Justanotherdude any day my friend

@Justanotherdude what strain you got goin’ there? They look super happy by the way. Also, when did you drop seeds, and when did they go outside?

@Packof3 the 2 in the picture are gorilla breathe HSO genetics. I picked them up as clones from a local grower they had a rough start indoors around March. Have 3 other plants going but they were all acquired much later (end of May?) my other 3 are mango sapphire HSO again, a blueberry I started from seed that I manifolds into 8 mains and a Justin Trudeau Kush picked up from the same clone guy. The gorillas are the biggest of the bunch for sure

@Packof3 Humboldt lane with the mango sapphire between the big gorillas

And blueberry manifold experiment on the left and Justin Trudeau Kush on the right

@Justanotherdude wish I knew what strain mine were. so my one i stressed bad when i brought them out in May, and she has some seeds. I’ve pulled a bunch. nice and dark and plump. these according to my research will be feminized. kinda fell into this by accident, but whatever. some of the greatest things have been stumbled upon by accident. LOL.
your girls look great. flowering I presume?

@Packof3 I don’t think I am flowering yet but could be wrong. Just look like pre flowers to me. That’s why I was curious how you are so far In to flower already.

@Justanotherdude not seeing any pistols yet from those node sites. soon though I suspect. looking happy though.

@Justanotherdude so I dropped seeds on Feb. 14th. Seedlings were on 18/6 schedule until they moved outside in May. They were well established, topped a couple of times indoors.
I believe when they went out the days were short(er), and they flipped to flower. One must either be a different phenotype or strain as its developing nice big colas that I haven’t in past years seen until later in August. The others are quite a bit behind but still well into flower. The flower development really slowed down and almost stopped for a bit, but picking up again. It will be interesting to see what happens as this is quite foreign to me. I’m feeding Bloom nutes at this point, and have been for about 3 weeks or so. Each are taking about 6 gallons of water about every 2-3 days. watering to about 20% runoff. I’m not measuring ppm of my feedings or runoff for that matter. they are getting city tap water, not dechlorinated. I’ve never experienced nutrient burn or I’ll effects from my feedings or not adjusting ph of the water. they would likely do better if I did, but honestly I kinda like just doing what I’m doing. it’s worked well for me so far.

@Packof3 I had mine out second week of May which was also early but setup my grow light to stay on till 12AM each night. My wife was not a fan of the UFO in the backyard lol. But it and the ghetto vapour barrier shelter I built kept both my plants and her flowers alive those first few weeks of May. Also had a small space heater in there I hung from the upper support

@Packof3 this is the structure I wrapped in about barrier

I used it last year to vertical string my vining tomato’s and cucumbers

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@Packof3 oh yes and this is now happening! My Kush and mango sapphire are a little further ahead than my gorilla breathe

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@Justanotherdude sorry if you mentioned this before, but roughly where are you located? just so I can compare to my grow right now. I’m in south Eastern ontario.

@Packof3 I am about 1.5 hours north east of Toronto. I find it hard to believe our Daily light is much different

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@Justanotherdude I just think my girls were that much farther along when I put them out in May. Pulled a bunch of seeds of the one girl. Check this out.

@Justanotherdude bud not full of seed. just a few sites on some of the lower branches.

@Packof3 score! I’m pretty excited for flower. Hoping for monster colas but will still be happy if I even bring them to the finish line for my first attempt

@Justanotherdude your girls will finish just fine. the first grow is exciting for sure. I’m on my 3rd outdoor grow now and every day is like a kid waking on xmas morning!