Eastern Ontario Outdoor Grow

@Unicron and this one from a late seed plant trying to catch up. She got a good thinning out today, stripping lower branch bud sites that won’t mature.

@Unicron early morning sun lighting up those young flowers

@Unicron this ones getting close. I’ve renamed her. No known as “the Brick Shithouse”. :rofl:


Some nice pics from this afternoon. This is where it’s very hard to be patient. But with understanding the why, as you will have better bud, makes waiting a must.

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I’m thinking to do something similar; I’ve been investigating the necessities and process required to make that happen. Seems to be one of the least forgiving products to make as it can be hard on the lungs or taste bad.

@Packof3 WOW, she’s really solid like a tank, BS house is accurate! What weight would you expect to get from her?

Geez, you’re whole hareem is really chonky!

I’m feeling the waiting, at least you know what you’re looking for though :slight_smile: i’m flying blind and sometimes high :laughing:

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@Unicron not sure on the weight. I gauge by mason jars of good quality bud. Thinking of getting a scale, probably should.

Yeah they’re pretty useful. From other hobbies I have three digital scales, 0.01g -300g, 1g-3kg and 200g-200kg… Hopefully my harvest is large enough to register on the first one LOL

@Packof3 Bump for your thread.

How is the harem doing? The weekend after you had been planning another chop if I recall correctly…no? Leaving at least 3, or you’ve been super busy lol

Almost 25 days since the harvest, curious to know how that went? Last pic you posted in my thread you had a massive drying screen. All in jars now I expect… A lot of jars!

Question: What temp and humidity do you prefer for drying?