Eastern Ontario Outdoor Grow

I’m new to this site. Anyone on here live in South Eastern Ontario? Looking to Chronicle some outdoor grow experiences for this geographic area. I currently have 6 ladies going good outside, and starting to flower. This is new for me but likely just the strain. Calling it Mystery1 as they are all the same but I have no idea what they are. Early to flower but just going with the flow.


I live in southwestern Ontario but am in a similar situation growing outdoors( anywhere). I planted this huge bubba kush 2.0 yesterday. It’s taller than the bucket it came out of. Lol, I thought it was an auto flower which I sowed with the rest of my 4 plants, but when I noticed the other one turning I realized I’d mixed them up.


Here is the autoflower I had mixed up. I noticed 2 weeks ago so it is coming along nice, budding in early June.



My 6 Mystery Plants. Planted seeds on Feb. 14th
A couple are around the 5’ mark now.

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I was honestly expecting a long veg period after putting them out about 3 weeks ago. Did some topping early on so at 4 main tops. Grew low and bushy last year, lots of LST and Super Cropping.
I’m pretty sure they are Indica dominant. Big wide fans. Your look great. How far along?

Nice plants, they do look a little droopy, perhaps they need some water ?

yeah, that pic is from about 10 days ago. they definately needed a drink for sure. look way better now.


Hello from way northern NY.

Hey there. How’s your outdoor experience going so far this season? How many plants you got on the go?

You growing outdoors?

All good here so far. I got a ten seed order and planted them all, White Widow autos. I have no idea how much the yield will be so I started them all. Outdoor growing was all I have ever done and like it. My babies are just over 3 weeks old and have been spending most of their time in the hot bright sun we have been having lately. By the 4th week I will put a couple into big pots to live in the greenhouse through harvest (kind of an experiment) and the rest will go into the home garden to live with the flowers and vegetables friends. As the crow flies we can’t be that far away so the weather patterns should be very close. Good luck and let us know how you make out!

Interesting. Any issues throwing 3 week old seedlings out under full sun?

These ones I germinated from seed on May 23. scared to put them under full sun so in the shade for now. I bring them in at night.

I started taking them to the greenhouse when they were just a week old but watched them closely, a few hours at a time. They never showed any sign of stress so I increased the time each day for maybe five days. They were loving it and seemed to be thriving. Usually there was strong sun from early morning through about two o’clock then we’re shaded by a tree and got the sun again a few hours later. Of course I checked them often.

I just uploaded pics and an update on my journal, take a look. :grin:

New to this site. How do I look at your journal?

I am really new here too and not very good at it but I think if you click on my L icon you can look at that maybe. Let me know if you can see it. I think you need to click on the L icon again once the box on me shows up.

Got it. Those are some real nice ladies you got there.

I gave the girls a nice haircut on Saturday. Got rid of some fan leaves and took off the lowest branches that will never see full sun. They have responded great. Lokkinh very healthy this afternoon. Going to have some monstrous colas. I wish I could get a haircut. FUCKING COVID!

This is 3 weeks after my initial post. The girls are growing like weeds :wink:
Took of some of the large fan leaves after these pics. I put some smaller girls in solo cups to get an appreciation of the stocks. These ones are growing tall and slender, not bushy. I’m good with it as I have topped along the way and I have multiple tops that are stretching for the sun.