Easter Babies Update: Big bud broke ground

Big bud broke ground this morning and I’m so happy!! First seed failed and no sign of it in soil. Easter babies doing fine but had some issues with temps and humidity. Are fans the only way to control humidity? Tent got wet up to 63 humidity. I keep reading but can’t find how high is too high humidity. Be back later with pics and more questions :grimacing:

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the easy answer is a dehumidifier… If you search (magnifying glass upper right of screen) for humidity here, you will find a lot of threads discussing it and ways to solve it…

Thank you for that quick response and chart really helped. I’m still learning a lot and getting confused at times with this site, but everyone has been so helpful and patient.

There is a lot to take in. I am only starting the 2nd week of my first grow. So I can relate to the info overload. Have you started a grow journal, I would advise it, I have found the people here love to see pictures (like grandparents, they love to see little ones, lol) and are more than willing to help, even when not asked to, if they see an issue in your pics…

I have a lot of questions and issues. This is my first grow, germinated 4/16. My Easter babies looked wet and I had to act quickly so I transplanted them. Big bud sprouted this morning, relieved. Take look at pic and tell me what you think of my girls.


And yes I have a grow journal. This is my second pic, everything much easier now on site. I stopped sending everything directly to Robert lol. I’ve been waiting for big bud to join her sisters, first seed failed. Easter babies only 5days old since broke soil and big bud 7 days behind. Hope my girls look good?

Welcome to ILGM!

They look fine so far, my suggestion would be to keep reading and reading and reading LOL Go through other peoples grow journals and see what issues they had and how they corrected them.

Try not to over water those babies, they don’t need much water right now. I used a spray bottle and misted them couple times a day… You don’t want the soil too wet.

Also what medium are you growing in? Make sure you PH your water before watering.

Soil less ph you want 5.8
Soil ph you want 6.5

Happy growing!

I feel stupid, but what is a medium? I’m only misting now like you said, being very careful. I have a 4x4x6.5 tent, 2LED lights 570 watts total, warming mat (not using now), inline fan & carbon filter (not installed yet, going to be hard), and a fan. My plants sit in tray with hygrometer. I’ve been using my kitchen, they germinated and sprouted there, seem to like it and needed to keep warm. Tell me what I’m missing, thanks in advance

Forgot my ph is 6.8, growing in organic soil with peat moss, peat hummus, earthworm castings with dolomitic limestone to adjust ph, is that right?

@bob31 pic under grow & transplant

Can you take a closer pic of what you want me to see? My eyes aren’t so good. I wear readers but the pics on the smartphone are small.

Ok, tomorrow. Just want to make sure they’re ok. Transplanted early cause they looked too wet, got scared I overwatered.


there fine. Easy on the water. Let them dry out good in between, but they don’t need a lot of water like you think they would.

Ok, thank you

I’d still like a closer pic of the leaves when you can.

Ok, going down to check on girls in a bit and will take new pic. Behind today, just checked email.

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Hard to get good pic, will have to bring upstairs or out of tent for better pic


I can’t tell anything from that pic… please turn the led off and light it up with white or natural light and let’s get closer to the problem you are trying to show me.

I sprained my ankle yesterday and my grow tent is down through the basement and into back garage. I have to bring plants back upstairs to get a better pic, will be later, they look good since I transplanted and big bud is doing good too. I appreciate your help, please be patient I’m hobnobbling around in pain

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