Easter Babies/Big Bud & Family 1st Grow


I’ll check with local hydro store, sorry to bother, I have too many questions, even though I’ve read so much Blum eyes hurt. First time anyone told me that about feminized seeds.


@bonnie1…oh yes I post pictures once a week and I think my ww are ready now to be cut. Only 66 days in but …the signs are pretty clear that they need to be cut and hung. Second Grow White Widow Inside using soil is where I post all the pics on my second grow…go check it out …I posted new pictures on Saturday and tell me if you think they are ready to be cut.


I am very envious that your girls will be ready so soon, you are very lucky. I’ll check it out, same journal ww2nd grow right. I’ll check it out after dinner, 1/2 hr. Can’t wait! Someone said I might get small yield with feminized seeds, that’s weird isn’t it?


There are a few products that you can choose from. I use some stuff that is safe for tomatoes. I don’t wash my buds at harvest which is why I don’t use anything once they start budding.

Robert also sells a mold blaster at the main site…


Thanks again, so helpful :smiley:


Humidity is my major issue at the moment to bonnie1, I’ve got 2 small dehumidifier running 24/7 and an exhaust and it’s still up in the high 70s or low 80s lights out… (i also have powdery mildee thanks to it) I’m afraid a decent dehumidifier is the only real option (as someone told me)


That’s what I’m thinkin McLovin. But I’ve really spent a lot these last few months so I’m opting for another small tent for flower/harvest for a spare room I have with AC if needed, which I will need depending on when my girls are ready. Will the humidity hurt the girls while in veg? I have 3 others that won’t be ready at the same time so, idknow, I’ll keep them in tent and start more!! Never have enough as far as I’m concerned especially since I think I’m going crazy without mj for a month or so now!! Just kiddin but longest I’ve gone in long time, it’s a hurtin me :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I’m glad you wrote, should be tagging you on everything… value your opinion, just feel strung out remembering everyone and everything. Saw a small force flower tent, getting desperate but read not good to do, idknow again! :joy:


I do not want that powdery mildee crap at all, I’m working hard on this, I will just freak out! Someone mentioned spraying fungicide or something. I cancelled opening our pool this summer until the 13th and that’s the day it’s suppose to stop raining. If my husbands daughter wasn’t coming from San Francisco in August, I would’ve used that room to begin with and wouldn’t have to go outside or downstairs to take care of girls. This way I can roll outta bed and they’ll be there, I’m likin the way that sounds.


The high humidity shouldn’t be a problem in veg. The problems with humidity hit you in flower because of lack of airflow between the buds.


Good to know, thank you. I’m getting a small tent and setting up in spare room for flower, harvesting. I think that will be so much easier to take care of. And it has AC and windows, so I’m going to make sure there’s plenty of air flow. Thanks again!


Well you may not get PM to be fair, I topped about 10 side branches at one point and they just became too dense with nodes, plus lack of a large oscillating fan. I’m sure it will be fine for you, just speaking from my experience. I’ve used 2 PM sprays that worked for a few days, but without getting rid of the problem (lack of air flow) and super high humidity the problem will just 're appear. Well done for taking a month off… your guna get highhh as hell when you go back to MJ


My little sister is getting some for me, hopefully today or tomorrow. I’m finally at my limit! Can’t wait another 2 months, don’t even want to, have to get and try make it last. It’s impossible to buy weed, and try not to smoke it! Humidity at 80 this morning with oscillating fan, small non-effective dehumidifier, clip fan and opening side vent, so I think the garage is too damp this time of year but if I time things right I can use it very effectively for veg stage for June,july,Aug,Sept & Oct. Bought another tent this morning and thinking of putting it right in our bedroom, lol, it’s very big though and can fit in the corner for flowering stage/harvest. My girls like the nutes I gave, they look bigger, green and happy! :blush:


Here is a link to the clone guide…


Thanks Stomper! :grimacing: My girls are likin the nutes, I can tell… they look very healthy, I’ll be reading that link, and hopefully cloning soon! Thanks again​:+1:


@bonnie1…only feminized seeds give you the weed. You never use male seeds for weed.


Something i wanted to mention that was not mentioned in article. Before i put the root solution on the potential clone (or in my case i used powder form) i split the base of the stem into two halves and lightly scrape off the hard skin, exposing the lighter fleshy material. i found that it rooted better than the ones i just cut once.


I don’t split the stem myself, but I do put deep scratches all around the stem. Sort of frays it I guess you’d say


i’m about to harvest,and may try this @Stomper…i have split stem and not now i’ll try fraying it up a bit…see how that works!


I remember reading a book by Jorge Cervantes that mentions that any exposed tissue (from scraping or scratching) on the stem tends to spark root growth.


Yeah that’s what I thought also, but you can use bag seed, end up with male seeds and weed won’t be as good or any good at all. After reading cloning, you can only use male seeds. I don’t have enough room for anymore plants or time to clone. My girls are really getting big and I’m glad I got another tent. I’ll visit your site in awhile. I finally broke down and got some weed, it’s very good, enjoying it very very much, I slept like a rock last night! :grimacing::seedling::sleeping: