Easter Babies/Big Bud & Family 1st Grow


sounds great to me @bonnie1. i’m not familiar with those nutes,but it is good to start out with a weak mix first…
ph is good for soil growth,and you’re starting out at about half so you should be good!
i use advanced nutes and start at a lower dose,but i see no wrong in what you are doing… happy growing dear!


Omg!! I haven’t read but keep hearing. Plus you mentioned it and someone from U.K. you were chatting with was cloning. I have some bag seed, or I use to. Have no idea what bubble cloner is but I want it!! Lol If you get time, any info you can give me without reading would be great. I read again about veg & flowering today. I gave nutes to 3 plants. I graduated to nutes finally, hope I did it right. I lowered it a bit. Says 6 tsp big bloom, I cut to 3 & 3 tsp grow big I cut to 2 mixed well and got ph down to 6.7right? Time will tell… still have the one I nute burned to do but other 2 are too small I think


Thanks so much. I think the girls will be ok I hope. Want to make sure I do this right. I notice it tapers down week after week then stays the same dose, I guess till flowering? Bob31 knows about these nutes, I’ll contact him later on for any new questions on fox farm nutes. Thank you :grin:


I’ll read up on clones later on tonight especially if I have to take from my girls I should read about it.


@bob31 hey bob, wondering if you could advise me on: Noticed little white on tips of big buds leafs (slightly), not all over but at the top, little on bigger leafs. I’ll take a pic but it’s hard to see but wanted to know if that rang any bells with you. I started nutes right away. Schedule called for 6 tsp big bloom I cut to 3 and 3 tsp grow big, I cut to 2 tsp. Mixed well and got ph to 6.7. Just wanted to go slow. Checked today, girls lookin good but could this be nute deficiency? Anything you can advise will be greatly appreciated, thanks… :grimacing::seedling:


@BIGE @Hogmaster noticed little white on tips of plant, could that be nute deficiency? Any ideas? Just thought you might’ve already encountered this, in all your experience. Any idea will help, thanks :grin:


@bonnie1 clarify for me. When did you see the tips like that? After adding nutrients? Sounds like a minor nutrient burn.

How many gallons of water did you add the nutrients too? I don’t remember seeing a dosage that high on the chart?


I had big problems with humidity and my first grow - during mid flower tent reaching 80% on watering days and I had to strip down my plants to get decent air flow under canopy – with my air handling system I keep it on low and see humidity never higher than 50%.

So definitely something to correct ASAP, wish I’d corrected mine earlier.


One gallon of water. Noticed day or two before adding nutes. Maybe it was there from misting plants from before. I made sure I didn’t get nutes anywhere near leafs. The schedule pamphlet you sent by link, I got original from hydro store and went by week 3 but reduced it. Originally says 6 tsp big bloom & 3 tsp grow big. I cut down to 3 and 2 tsp in gal water. Next wk goes to 3& 3, next wk goes to 3&2 & stays there for 4 wks. I’m going to get confused on cutting it down right… after this wk. I’ll try to get close up pic in awhile. But I noticed before nutes, thought I should start them, so I did yesterday… I’ll try to get pic of all 3 girls that were exposed to nute spray the first time I tried it. I didn’t spray anything but ph water since, as long as it isn’t deficiency or bug, but worried now, am I ever going to get nutes right? :sneezing_face:


@Sl1 @Stomper I have a feeling I’m going to have to move my girls during or idn when, cause still in veg trying to get nutes right… but in flower stage get another tent to fit in A.C. bedroom for humidity. It’s been raining cats and dogs, so humidity gets high in that garage. Not going to be good in winter or spring cause our weather sucks! Having little white on tips of some leafs right now so worried again :thinking:


@Kapelady… hope you’re girls are doing well… haven’t heard from you for awhile, sorry I infiltrated your site, really thought all the interaction was on mine. :relieved:


@bob31 here’s a pic… hope you can help if I need any?


Hard to get good pic but you can see a white tip, some are on new growth at top. Not much but didn’t know what it was. Must’ve been from before. Don’t know why so bright, it’s dark and rainy. Added clip fan and dehumidifier, plus have large oscillating fan, but humidity still 80 percent, could that be cause I added another led light? I still have so many questions, feel stupid, no hurry to reply, I know you’re busy.


I’m not sure what your set up is, but a tent and carbon filter, exhaust and controller solved my climate control problems instantly. So, just thinking if you can set up a permanent space like that’s in your garage you should be all set until winter.


The white tips are saying they are getting a little more nutes than they can process. If that’s as far as it goes, a lot of folks would say that’s perfect feeding while others would say to skip one feed every now and then.


I bought an inline fan/carbon filter right from the start. But when I opened it, I think I got the wrong one cause it was so heavy, came with carbon filter, no good directions, just that the fan had to mounted on solid surface because it’s powerful and can move. Plus my tent is 6.5 ft high. I can’t mount something that high, I’m only 5’3" and my husband has a bad back. I’m caught between rock & hard place about it right now. Want to return it but didn’t know amazon has 30 day return policy, I’m passed that time now, sooo, idn. I’m getting a small tent for flowering if humidity hasn’t gotten better by then for 3 plants that might be ready together. I’ll put in spare room with monitoring temp/humidity and was told you can use AC (monitored) for humidity, so I can keep my eye on those particular plants and still use the tent for plants in veg. I thought that was an ideal area but humidity was 86 today! Plants in veg so should be ok right? Two fans, dehumidifier, vent open and I’m running a exhaust silver thing with bug screen hopefully today. Some plants will be ready at different times. Thanks for your response and help. Anything is really helpful to me…:grimacing::seedling:


Thanks for that Stomper. I only fed them once before and they got little nute burn, maybe from that cause they got mist. Just didn’t notice it and just started this new schedule once. I’m thinking maybe they don’t need it right now at all?


Thanks @Stomper for the tag.

You shouldn’t have too many problems with the humidity as long as you have good airflow. If you want better peace of mind, you could use an fungicide spray while in veg. I don’t spray anything on mine once they start to bud.

I don’t knock the bag seed. For years it was all I could get. It’s only been recently that I’ve been able to get known strains.

While the feminized seeds help with not having to sex them, they aren’t necessarily better as a finished product. You still have to watch for hermies or you’ll still get seeds.

The tips burning is from too high of an initial dose of nutrients, most likely. While you went with a half dose, it was still a little too heavy for the first time.

Water, water, feed. Not all strains feed the same. Some are heavier feeders than others. Take spicy food…I love it! My wife can’t handle as much spice anymore, so I’m cutting back. We both love the flavor, but she can’t handle as much as I can.

Individual needs…


That helps a lot, thank you so much. What about humidity today, went 96! Dehumidifier isn’t doing much, very quiet, but empty little water throughout day. I’m not giving nutes for awhile now. One had initial nute burn from me misting the first nutes were added, didn’t know not to, common sense though, I didn’t give nutes to that one yesterday or two others that are too small yet. I’m learning from this and what you said about individual needs! Not sure I will till flowering? Thanks again :grimacing:


Can you elaborate on fungicide spray? I’m not one for nutes or spray on plants, just never needed it before, but wasn’t growing mj. I’m just little worried about it. But think I need it. Also interested in cloning. I looked in growing guide, couldn’t find it. I’ve seen it but now just not seeing it. Thanks in advance.