Easter Babies/Big Bud & Family 1st Grow


Filters not a problem but you need an inline game with that many watts in your tent . What size tent is it
My flower tent is 32"-32"-63"
400w hps
6in centripetal inline fan and my temps still hit 86 sometimes not often but it happens.
Other than that your plants look great .
I can tell you keep them very happy,… :laughing::+1::+1::+1::+1::clap::clap::clap::clap:


My tent is 48x48x78, its tall. I have the lights up higher now cause they don’t need to be low anymore. I have LED lights (lighttimetunnel) full spectrum. It gets cold here, still going to 45 at night so I’m only turning lights off during the day for 4 hrs. I’ll start timer next wk 18/6 when temps are at 60 at night. I think I bought the wrong inline fan, it’s very heavy. I just didn’t know what I was doing. Next wk I’ll go to hydro store and check out what they have on display, I’ll get it somehow :grimacing::seedling::herb: and thanks, my girls are happy!!


@bonnie1 …Your plants look great! I don’t have an exhaust system on my tent just a fan…so I would think that you’ll be fine. Take a look at the pictures of my girls that I posted today…give you an idea of what you have to look forward to. Its under Second Grow White Widow using soil.


@Wishingilivedina420state Just looked at your plants again, wow… that bud you have makes my mouth water, lol :joy: I know this is a dumb question but, is that a cola? The tops are the flower, and buds are colas? Read about, but they don’t show pic answer only if you have time, no big deal :grin:


I will, right now, thanks


You are giving me hope! Trying to find your grow, looked through a lot, is it under journals?


@bonnie1 the tops are the cola. Aka the top cola.there are no dumb questions. I’ve been growing inside for about a year and there’s still stuff I don’t get.
And thanks for that mouth watering comment it means a lot , I think I’ve gotten really lucky with my plants as most are bag seeds, but I was able to get some GSCX from this site .
But like I keep saying environment and Ph are the most important in my book. That makes the girls happy, and if there happy we will be happy .
Given the size of your tent you may be able to put a 6-8 in desk fan for dollar store as a intake and exhaust, I did the same thing till I could order an inline fan. I didn’t realize ure tent was so big I wish mine was that size. Your gonna have some nice plants real soon, I know it seems like it’s taking forever but soon you will be in a rotation and can harvest every month or 2 to keep you stoked up.


@bonnie1…Second Grow White Widow Inside Using Soil


@bonnie1 …under grow journals



Second Grow White Widow Inside using soil


Thanks bob31!! I finally found it, been chatting. How are you, haven’t heard from you lately. Kapelady’s plants are impressive! I’m hanging in there and learning a lot, thanks again for all your help too. :grin::herb::seedling:


Np my pleasure @bonnie1 I’m doing well. No complaints here!

I’m glad to see that your girls are doing well!


Wow, those are bag seeds, must’ve been good weed. Yeah, I’m ready already, need patience. Just haven’t had smoke in a month. At first it wasn’t so bad but now I literally feel strung out, like I miss my weed! But circumstances like not dependable, too much money for too little and blah blah, just turned me off. Do you think I’ll have some in next 2 months? Does the flowering start on it’s own, then you do 12/12? Have more reading to do but I’m tired after reaching up 6.5 ft when I’m 5’3" in that tent. Just checked and humidity went back up to 70. I have a desk oscillating fan(big), small fan, dehumidifier, don’t want spend anymore right now, just want some good weed!!! :grimacing:


They are and I’m starting the nutes very lightly this weekend. Big bloom and big grow. Got that schedule in paper that you sent me at hydro store. I think I know what I’m doing now with that. Thanks a lot bob, you’ve helped me greatly and I’ve learned a lot from you. When I get more time, I’ll be reading more of your topics. I’m sure I’ll need you again, thanks Bob :smiley:


Swithing to 12/12 is your call. Your plants will sometimes double even triple in size. So take into consideration the size of your tent , pot height , and how close to your lights can you get?
With that being said and seeing your plants I think you should veg for a little longer.
I my self like a little longer veg to get the most out of a plant. And I want to see you get enough to last till the next harvest. And you have the tent and light set up to get some big plants with a lot of big buds . But that means a little longer veg time. .
I know it sucks waiting, I’ve been waiting a year to get my setup and a rotation of good weed , mostly the time was eaten up by male bag seeds. But owell I learned a ton growing them and getting my system dialed in enough to say I will spend money on good seeds.
And now I’m still waiting another 6 week’s before I can smoke my weed. But after that I might be ok.


Sounds like you’re a pro already! I tried growing bag seed back in the 70s. Of course I didn’t know what I was doing. But put seeds between paper towels, kept wet and left on window sill. They sprouted in 2 days so I planted them. They kept getting green powder on them as they grew, didn’t know what that was. Long story short is, it didn’t work! Just grew straight up and died. Now I know why, all these years later. I’ve grown plants all my life. I’m hoping for a great yield :pray: and I’ll wait so my plants can produce as much as possible just like you said. Then I’m buying autos for winter. Kapelady’s plants are ready for harvestalready, she just planted in April & she’s gettin lots with just one plant & scrog. I’m trying that next! Thanks for all your advice, I love this site, don’t you?


No I’m not a pro far from it but thanks😆
What was the green power? Never heard that.


Was the male plant pollinating the female. What I’ve read is the female is most potent with THC, the male plant pollinates the female and she gets weaker. When you have seeds in your weed it’s from the male, so you have weaker weed cause you have all or a lot of male seeds. That’s why Robert has feminized seeds. When I got my feminized seeds from ILGM I knew they were good quality cause they were female, lol… haha… hence, no seeds, better weed. Hope I explained that right. In the ILGM Guide there’s a part on male and female plants or seeds, that’s where I read it, I think read so much but I know I read that recently and related it to my experience, hope I explained that ok. It’s early in morning, I have my own hours now… don’t sleep much without my mj :relieved:


@BIGE I started the nute schedule today. Cut it down a bit. Called for 6 tsp of big bloom and I cut down to 3., 3 tsp grow big, cut down to 2. Stirred well and got ph to 6.7 I hope I did this right, can I get your opinion? Thank you :grimacing:


@bonnie1 you explained it perfect.
As far as the males I was able to pull them out in time so no extra seeds.
As of now all I have is fem seeds .
The bag seeds I have I know are females so I take clones, speaking of clones are reading up on them , start getting ready to take a few.
When ur ready I can show you how to make a really cheap bubble cloner there awesome.