Easter Babies/Big Bud & Family 1st Grow


Thank you so much. That makes sense to me now and I’ll start nutes this weekend, big bloom and grow big, on a small scale. You guys are the greatest, thanks so much! I have the schedule. :grimacing:


I have two carbon filters going

I hope this helps


Don’t rush yourself. I’m in no hurry. Have to get new led light and new hangers up, plus fans, exhaust etc. the girls are really smelling great already. I’m redoing my tent starting tomorrow. Just trying to get that done too. Don’t want that mold. If I don’t have the fan and filter will I get mold from not having, or just smell? No hurry to reply


Oh gosh… me too. Thank you :blush:


Do you have any questions just ask but hopefully that will help you get her done


Trimming is just pruning. Once they start getting bigger and you have decided how you want to finish them, upright, Scrog, or sog, then you will be able to tell what pruning is needed. For flat canopies you clear out anything that won’t grow to the top or won’t get any light. For upright grows you might only take out center vegetation to direct branches out and up and get light to the center.

Remember, pruning is doing just enough to achieve the desired growth enhancement. beyond that you start shearing and get diminishing returns.


Incase it isn’t sorted alteady.






I really advise everyone to just Google this shiz, everything I set up was thanks to you to be and Google (plant problems are best to be asked here after trying to google it yourself i think) and for more opinions


Too bad you didn’t live closer…I have lots


I wish I lived closer too! You’re so nice to say that. I appreciate everything so much. I’m hanging in there, but it ain’t easy! :kissing_heart:


I’m not understanding this McLovin but I appreciate all the effort in trying to help me understand. Maybe tomorrow… I’ll get it


Thanks Stomper, so good to have new friends!! I’ll use all the advice you’ve given me. ILGM is one of the best things that has happened to me in awhile, except my hubby and doggy … :blush:


I’m getting it, but I don’t think I can do it. I see what has to be done, for me to mount it in the air, I need a strong man. Lol, my husband is an electrical engineer and he’s confused too (he usually can put anything together), but he’s not strong anymore, has a back problem big time. With the dehumidifier and two fans I got humidity down to 60 but not good enough. Need to get to 40, just to make sure it’s possible. Can’t have mold… and need for smell, even though I’m in a secluded area, I worry. Thanks again, your pics were very helpful :grin:


@bonnie1 don’t worry so much everyone makes mistakes nobody’s perfect. And we are all pot heads so we make mistakes, just learn from them. It takes time to be a great grower much less a master . Get your environment right and ph right the rest will follow. Your gonna be fine don’t worry :wink: smoke good


I’m trying not to worry about things, but I’m a worry wart! If I had smoke, I would be feeling better. But can’t keep paying big bucks for crap. Anyway, I’m without for now and it sucks. I’ll get it together, just might not have inline fan and filter. My girls look great though and that helps. :hugs:


Girls in kitchen today, trying to set my tent up for the long haul, but carbon filter/fan is still unclear. Just want to know if I’ll get mold without carbon filter/fan or just smell? I have a large oscillating fan and clip fan, and dehumidifier. Exhaust hose with bug screen putting in also. 3 Led lights, total wattage 870 6 plants. Here’s new pic, last pic was 7 days ago. Girls are a growin!! I’m so happy :grin: @Hogmaster @Wishingilivedina420state @Kapelady @Onlythebest79 @Sl1 @peachfuzz @Stomper @Macadon


The lighting makes the plants look discolored on some but they are all green


I think you would be ok at least until flower. Long as you got air moving and the humidity is below 60 I’m thinking😎



Well my babies are stinking now and they are a month and 5 days old but I’ve had my filter and fan running since day one.


My girls are really stanky but it’s kinda hard for me to mount all that above my head to 6.5 ft. I just hung lights and rewired everything above my head, took an hour. I thought I was going to faint. I’ll get more vents and air moving, maybe brother-in-law can help me, idn. Don’t want to ask anyone but thanks guys, you’ve been very helpful as usual.


Keep plenty of air moving to keep mold down. I am not an expert on humidity issues tho, @FloridaSon knows humidigity better. My rh is generally tween15 and 30 % during monsoon season.