Easter Babies/Big Bud & Family 1st Grow


Wow I put my iPad down for a second.
I don’t trim any off unless that leaf has a problem during veg.
Pre-veg with is tonight’s trim will be just about the bottom 25% and a light thinning because she has way to many tops I will weed a few out so to speak.


This was my last plant see haw many tops , small colllas, that was pre harvest

Once again this is my two cents… but the fewer tops gives you a bigger cola at lest from what I’ve learned and 8 tops is where she will do the best . Now that’s i do see the advantages to s.o.g. And s.c.r.o.g. Witch is that the hole plant gets even light,but I believe there is a certain amount of tops and too many might be decreasing yield. Now with that being said I’m gonna try both just to be sure and see for myself.


Trimming the lower leafs really is a must with scrog and sog the lower leafs don’t get enough light and die any way. And we don’t want her to put any energy to a dieing any thing. At about week 3-4 I will trim the bottom 2/3 of the plant to let her put all of her energy to the top.:alien::alien:


Is that veg or flower stage


If it were me I wouldn’t trim anybleafs off until it has a good established growth, I would fim then wait for the lower off chutes to catch up with the upper chutes l, even then I would wait until there is plenty of upper leafs to sustain the growth. Bit again I don’t really trim anything off unless it is dying. I’ve read a lot of people defoliate a week or so before they switch there light cycle over to flower.



Yes I have three books I’ve also been reading. I still have to ask here on the site as it’s better to get info from a live person instead of a person behind a book. All of the info from here to the book is pretty the same but still feels better talking to person


Flower :hibiscus: , Week 3-4…

Veg only if leaf has problems .


Not a problem. I have a few books as well but I agree I feel more comfortable getting advice from this forum. Definitely the best forum in the web for cannabis growing.


Wow, very impressive. There are so many things I need to know. Tops and colas, don’t know the difference? Heard of scrog but not scog. I want to scrog but have too many plants. After I see how Big Bud grows, I’ll scrog a Big Bud plant, idn. I’m not trimming, my girls are young and need to just grow for awhile but I do understand trimming with scrog and also pruning. I have to start nutes soon but not sure, just still scared of it. The temps went down to 44 last night, that worried me, don’t have heater yet, thought could get by till winter, but this weather is so whacked out!! Trimming was directed to me by wrong post, they were talking about a bigger bushier plant


Sorry ment s.o.g. sea of green same as a s.c.r.o.g. just more plant’s


Maybe I could do scog then, I have 6 plants, 2 are too small yet. But if I take on too much right now my brain gets real confused lol. Have to set up another LED with the hangers that go with my lights and change whole tent, plus start nutes. Have to go slow can’t make any mistakes. Not as confident today as I was yesterday, don’t know why. Too early I guess. Still setting things up. Do you have an inline fan and carbon filter?


My first grow I didn’t prune or train or fim. I simply observed the plants through their entire life cycle and made careful notes, as well as reading and searching for photos etc on the net . Maybe a more scientific approach, but that’s just how I roll :nerd_face:.

Patience at harvest remains my biggest skill to yet master.

You will get there, just give them the time they need to grow for you :heart:


Thanks for that. I will do that for sure. I get too confused. I need to observe like you said. Just started everything in April. I did fim, thought it the least harmful to the plant if it was wrong. I have grown plants and pinches, so kinda knew the process. But I really just want to watch them grow, flower, harvest, everything you said. What did you do about nutes with your first grow. I remember you commented on it before but too hard to go and find that info right now. Thanks for everything :grimacing:


@Hogmaster @McLovin777 hey guys sorry to bother but I need to hook up my inline fan and carbon filter and it’s just not jivin, no surprise there! I took pic at hydro store, was explained but still… blank, hard for me… just another thing I’m scared of doing wrong… :thinking:


@bonnie1 on your carbon filter and will have an airflow arrow you want cabon filiter hose then fan sucking air out to another hose I personally had to bend mine to get one of the filters on before I started using a hose just that cheap dryer hose works great if that don’t make any sense please tell me


As soon as my lights come on I’ll snap some pictures for you it should be here in the next hour


The Fox Farm Trio uses Grow Big for vegging and Tiger Bloom for flowering. The Big Bloom part is used throughout the Grow to help maintain root health.


Great! A pic should help more. Thanks for your reply, it’s greatly appreciated. Can they go on the floor? I just don’t see me getting it right, in the air.


Let me go see if I can get you some pics


Give me just a second