Easter Babies/Big Bud & Family 1st Grow


Looking good and keep up the great work.


No that’s not me, it’s from a PJ concert I went to a while back.
I see you are going to be giving them some nutrients this weekend. If it’s the first time giving them nutes you might want to only go with 1/4 - 1/2 the recommended amount, that way you can see how they respond to it then you can increase it on your next feeding. Just a suggestion. :+1:


@Wishingilivedina420state Lol! Good stuff, Good stuff.


I gave little bit of big bloom 1/4 tsp in quart of ph water, but did that wrong. Suppose to mix nutes first then check ph. But two plants reacted well to it and the other one was too small and I misted my girls. Didn’t know what I was doing. Only one got nute burn, that’s why I’m scared of the nutes. I’ll do what you said. I’ll go easy and do 1/2 then 1/4. Thanks a lot, I need help with the nutes. Can’t wait for some good weed! :laughing:


Did I see you picked up some big bloom and grow big? Is that fox farm?
I’ve never used fox farm but I’ve read they lower the PH of your water.
Also I’m not sure if you want to be using the big bloom yet. I would think that is more for the flowering stage. You would want to start out with the grow big. But again I’ve never used fox farm so I could be mistaken there feeding instructions might call for using a little of both.


So you have edibles? I’ll spell it for you, lol I’ve never even tried cause I don’t have access to any medical mj or anything edible wish I did, so you’re lucky. My husband doesn’t smoke, he’d rather have a scotch but drinking doesn’t appeal to me, just makes me sick. I smoke with my sister, she and one girlfriend but my brother and sisters smoke. Actually my whole family smokes except my mother! She still walks around saying, what’s that smell? Lol, she knows damn well what is it, she’s been smelling it for 40 yrs. haha… great chatting, I talk a lot


Yes, it’s fox farm. The feeding schedule calls for a little of both but I’m cutting down, I’m scared of the nutes but won’t be as soon as I get use to feeding the girls. I’ll never over nute cause I worry about ruining all the hard work I’ve done, I’m going very easy. The fox farm ocean forest is the best soil for me. I transplanted one in coco, but when I found out what a pain in the ass it was, I switched immediately and transplanted into ffof. The nutes go with that soil the best, I think, makes sense. I think I’ll start nutes this weekend, wish me luck!


Lmao :joy: it cool, most of my family smokes or did, I just keep to my self these days. I don’t mind chatting just tending to the lady’s getting miss cookie ready for the flower tent. I think she needs a trim.

what do you think?


Thanks a lot, can’t wait for some great buds, I’ll have to learn patience, yeah right!!


I like and great job. Ok question for you being that your plant is bushy like that when do you think is a good time to trim some of the fan leaves so they won’t take away light from the colas or do you leave them on all the way through your grow and if you know where would you start your trim from the bottom and work up or top and work down?


You were to d@@@ high if radar could crime you. Lol hahaha rofflmmfao


I don’t know what the hell I’m doing, and the girls just started growing so I guess if I pruned, I would start from the bottom up. I didn’t know I should be be getting rid of those fan leaves. Shit, now I gotta learn to prune. I’m not ready yet. Just started fimming and have to start nutes but I’m no stranger to plants, I will learn it!! Sorry for my language, it’s the way I express myself sometimes :blush:



You cool with me with the way you talk but don’t know how moderators are.

I meant to tag that post # 70 to @Wishingilivedina420state about trimming/cutting some of the fan leaves off his baby. Sorry for not clearly directing my question but express yourself where you see fit though


Just beautiful and plentiful! I’m so impressed with everyone’s grow. Just can’t believe I stumbled onto this website one night when I got weed, way too expensive, and lasted 7 days. Not long for amount of $. I started thinking about seriously growing and started looking up seeds. I started my search. First I researched different seeds, ordered, but they didn’t ship to USA, that took 2 days and waste of time, then I found ILGM, ordered my seeds and my husband finally agreed to let set up my tent and here I am!! A happy grower :grimacing:


You don’t need to trim any leafs yet. I generally don’t trim any leafs throughout my entire grow. Ince they get quite abit bigger you can trim off some lower leafs if you want to make it easier to water your plants.
As for your nutes I agree less is more. That fox farm ocean forest has a good amount of nutes in them already. I’ve read some people who use don’t give them hardly any nutes until they start to flower. You’ll get it dialed in. They look really healthy so you whatever you are doing is working like a charm.


Oh no, better not swear. I can control myself. So you don’t think I should get rid of any leaves right? I see you directed that post wrong now. Yeah, I gotta go slow



That’s cool your spouse is coooooooooooooooool with you and this hobby. It’s great to have a better half who allows you to be you and be happy. I can attest as mine is all for it and she knows it keeps me home and I’m happpppiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrr when I have her. She partakes with me and I love her for that couldn’t have found a better spouse :heart_eyes::kissing_heart::blush:



Ok I see I see now. But if you were to trim as I was asking what’s the earliest it could be done without really stressing/damaging your bean


Thanks a lot. I’m going light with those nutes cause they’re doing well and I’d hate to ruin them. Yeah, I’ll trim those later on, I have time.


Well I know about fimming and topping but not trimming. Might be the same thing, idn. Just was told they have to have five nodes. But I’m so new I just don’t know if I’ll give you the right info on that. 3 to 4 weeks maybe? My husband is one patient guy! I’m very happy with my spouse also. We’ve been married for 26 yrs now. He’s the most selfless, caring and compassionate person I know. We had one of those whirlwind romances, started living together in 3 months and married exactly one year later. I’m lucky to have him. And he was tired of paying for my mj too!! Lol