Easter Babies/Big Bud & Family 1st Grow


Here is how I have mine set up.
Hang the carbon filter from the top of the tent, attach the ducting to it and run it out the roof vent, and then attach to the exhaust fan. I just have my fan sitting on top of the tent.


You’re fan looks smaller and lighter to sit on top of tent… I like that idea. Mine is too heavy and big. I’ll have to take a pic when I get time this week cause my fan is different. Wish I got yours, I remember seeing it but didn’t know what I was doing. My tent is taller than me, so it’s hard to mount above my head. On the floor looks easier for me because of the weight of the fan. :grimacing:


This is how I have mine, quieter with the fan inside the tent…

I used zip ties to secure the fan to the frame and one of the cross bars…


Yes I see how it goes now, I’m finally getting the visual with everyone’s help!! It took me so long to get the visual of seeing how I’m going to try to set this up. I have yet another question: what is the name of the scrog net thing… I’m going to try scrog with 3 biggest girls, but don’t know where to order or what it’s called :grimacing:


Mrs. @bonnie1 it’s called a trellis :+1:
Wally world would have it.
Or depot,or Amazon




Here is the fan I have. I have two of them. One for intake, and one for exhaust. I got them both for less then the price of the one that Ron has, and they work fine for the size of my 3X3 tent. If my tent was larger I would have got one like Ron’s.


Trellis net but I started using fence much sturdier and I can get it in and out don’t have to worry about anything breaking


Those trellis nets have a 6" mesh. That’s about twice as big as a garden fence but a lot cheaper. I would have to put up two layers offset to make it 3" squares for my taste.


Some look metal. You said you use fence. I don’t know what to get. Even the trellis netting is confusing. Everyone’s look like they come with wood or metal so it stands up and plants sit under it. Do I have to create that myself? Tie the string to the poles or wood or something… feeling real dumb again, but the scrogs don’t look like just a net, do you know what I mean? I really need the inline fan but still can’t set it up yet, have to move everything and make room. It’s a comin along… :grimacing:


Yes you have to make your own frame.


Thanks so much… I will purchase from local hydro store, I looked it up and they have it and I won’t have to pay shipping… very helpful :grimacing: Of course you have to build the frame! Nothing’s easy, lol @Rugar89, you guys are the greatest!!!


Guess I won’t know about this until I do it myself, thanks for all your advice :smiley:


You can go to the local hardware store and get four corner pieces and pvc tubing which they will cut for you.

You will need:

4 - 1/2" pvc tubes 4’ long
4 - 1/2" pvc tubes 2’ long
4 - 1/2 " pvc corner pieces

It all slips together with no other hardware needed.


Or be cheap like me and zip tie that toe your poles in the tent


That’s what I’ll do, zip ties! Sounds like the easiest & best way to go, at least for now. Can’t overthink it too much, just don’t have the time…hopefully I can get this together by end of weekend and take some pics :grimacing:


Only 2 girls fit in my new tent! Big Bud and amnesia haze, they are growing fast. I don’t know what to do at this point with nutes. Haven’t given any more since last time cause don’t think they need it, not these two girls anyway. I think they’re too big for the scrog already… and only one plant (like big bud) would be good in scrog in this tent 32x32x60. Now I have 2 tents to manage but it’s better this way, too many plants first time around but hope to be successful on every one! I’ll take pics tomorrow. I’m afraid to prune or anything cause don’t know anything about doing that at this stage. I fimmed all the girls, I think…some twice, the bigger ones. How big should I let these girls get? Is it ok they’re touching each other little?


@McLovin777… hey what’s up! How’s your humidity doing these days? I finally got mine down to 55 but only with 2 girls in my new tent with AC. I don’t think the humidity will go down with a good dehumidifier either, it’s too humid around here and seems too big for any of my tents. I have a smaller tent in my room and I love it. I’ll take pics tomorrow girls are getting really big. Hope your plants are doing well, I’ll check it out soon :grimacing:


All good miss Bonnie, hunidtybis at 60 lights off and the girls perked up PH PH PH. I needed to recalculate my meter or whatever. All is kush now


I’m taking pics today of big bud and amnesia haze, my two biggest girls. Hope pic comes out ok @Kapelady @Onlythebest79 @Sl1 @Rugar89 @peachfuzz @bob31… don’t know what else to do at this point, just growing, not many nutes… I’ll take pics of rest of girls later