Easter Babies/Big Bud & Family 1st Grow


Good to get to sleep. Seeds come in two forms, regular and feminized. Autos are feminized. For photoperiod feminized you are almost guaranteed to get all females (99.9%) or so. The trade off is that the way you make feminized seeds they are a little more likely to react to stress by going hermie.

Regular seeds are produced naturally from a male and a female parent and can produce either male or female plants. Males are more rare than females and you could go thru many seeds before you actually get one. For cloning, you take one clone early from regular seed plants and as soon as it is rooted in dirt you set it to 12/12 and it will tell you the sex of the plant. That way you don’t waste time making male clones and can also find males in your grows earlier.


Yes, I read all about it on that link. But my seeds are good right? From Robert, feminized multi pack amnesia haze, big bud and chocolade. For cloning males are good but for growing male seeds aren’t as potent as female.


Yes, your seeds are all good. You should have all girls with no trouble. All my seeds were feminized (except bag seeds). All my clones are from feminized parents too.


I’m confused on that now. But not a surprise. So, feminized seeds produce male seeds? Thought clones had to be male. I’ll understand as I go along but can’t clone this time around, maybe with two girls that are behind in veg after figuring out my first harvest, idknow. Have to see one plant get flowers and buds, etc., still need to go through one grow first. But I’ll definitely try it maybe 2nd grow, thanks a lot Stomper :slightly_smiling_face:


No ma’am Mrs. @bonnie1
Feminized seeds produce female plants only. Now if the conditions of the grow are very stressful the female plant can hermie and produce pollen to self pollinate, or pollinate any other female around. You can clone a Feminized plant,and it too will be female.
On that thought any clone you take will be the sexy of the plant it came from. If it is male the clone will be male.
Now, if you have REGULAR seeds ,you don’t have any clue what they are until they go into a 12-12 light cycle. So you could take a clone of said plants and wait till they root and put the in flower lighting and they will show you the sexy of your plants,really helpful for saving money and time.


Now I get it!! This has been very educational and I will, for sure, try cloning and when I do I might need you!! lol thanks a lot :laughing:


@Kapelady…hey what’s up? Took couple days to get caught up on other stuff. Enjoying my mj, really been relaxed, lol :joy: my tent came already 32x32x60. How big is yours again? My girls are really getting big, I’ll take pic Sunday. You’re probably smoking some of yours by now. I’ll look you up :grimacing::eyes:


@Patsbasement @Kapelady… where you been? This weekend for sure taking more pics of girls and new tent area. Ran outta weed again, get ready for no sleep and worrying about our country! Anyway, need to know about harvesting a plant early, was told not to do it, but I’m torn between right and wrong again :joy::joy:. Probably won’t be able to harvest early if plant just isn’t ready. I don’t know… any comments @Nug-bug @Onlythebest79 @Jmesser80 @


I hit reply by mistake before tagging everyone


I haven’t made to that point in my grow as I would more than likely wait it out so the end results are what I’m trying to get. Why do everything the right way until you get to the end and won’t to do it your way or rush it. Also where I’m at green is in abundance and if I run out my homeboy is the man


Patience is a virtue. I personally would wait it out. I’ve been waiting for mine to be ready for 3 weeks now and they just don’t want to change to cloudy. I want to split my stems but want to do it at the right time.

But anyway you would be better off waiting if you can. If you harvest to early they won’t be as potent or as big as they would have been if you waited. You will happier for waiting.


@Onlythebest79… I know, I’m going to wait but I don’t have a homeboy no more… the guy I have is an alcoholic who use to smoke but just drinks now and is very undependable. In fact I have a call into him and haven’t heard back yet, so I won’t call him back. I am setting up another tent for biggest plants, too crowded already and really want the best yield possible. Big Bud is the only one in 5 gal bag and can see how much bigger it is than the rest of 3 gal plants. Thanks for keeping me on the right track!! :grimacing:


Sorry I’ve been away @bonnie1 did you get your carbon filter situation all figured out how’s everything going with the girls happy and are you happy sure hope so hope everything went well please keep me up-to-date :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Oh yes Hogmaster I am very happy. I don’t know who to tag sometimes cause don’t want to be a pain in the arse!! You’ve been very helpful. I think I bought the wrong fan, mine is too big and powerful and Amazon has a 30 day return policy I didn’t realize. But anyway, I already bought another tent and my husband said it’s ok to put in corner of our bedroom, yeah! So I’m putting the 3 biggest girls in this smaller tent for end of veg stage, flower stage. Move plants around to harvest and flower for next 3 plants between both tents… and so on. I have a plan! Our room is very large and very convenient for me to have this setup. This way there is AC in summer, fans, windows and plenty of ventilation. The garage is good for veg but just can’t get humidity down. We also have a pool in summer and can’t start blowing fuses with big dehumidifiers, etc. so…long story, but just couldn’t get that fan/carbon filter in the air and put that together myself and it’s too big/heavy for my tent or for me. Don’t know what to do with it now…:thinking::grimacing: I’ll take new pics this weekend with new tent and how big my girls are getting. Only did nutes with grow big and big bloom once, they look great & growing fast, already running outta room in this tent and extra LED light is turned off, got way too hot in there, I’ll use it in other tent! :+1: 100W per plant :seedling::herb::grin:


Hey Bonnie just so you know you can actually just set it on the floor that way you have the filter sitting straight up with the fan on top of it and then run your hose directly out of your tent that way you don’t have to pick it up and it’ll still work just as good

don’t let the picture confused you but look at the right bottom corner and you’ll see one that’s on the ground they go straight up and to my ventilation tubes



@bonnie1 There I hope that helps a little bit it makes it a lot easier for you and for the record you can tag anybody in as many people as you want you’re not bothering no one so please don’t think that we are all here to help you get through a complete and successful grow


They should call us the band of brothers and sisters


Thank you so much!! I know everyone is there and been very helpful. I do feel like a band of brothers and sisters and I love it. So many people have helped me get this far, I owe special thanks to bob31, Lia, Kapelady, so many others…I forget everyone sometimes. So it’s the carbon, then the fan, then the exhaust, going out the vent. It’s much clearer now. I’ll show my husband and we’ll do a test run in the house. Looks easier sitting on the floor. It is starting to smell strong now. Thanks again, so helpful :grimacing:


Also, I’ll let you know and take a pic if we’re successful but first I am setting up the other tent. Way too crowded for anything else in this tent with six plants that are getting really big!