East Cost - Leave outdoors or bring inside?

So much rain may have caused the growing process to be delayed. East coast. Daylight shorter with significant temperature change. Plant soul has never had a chance to dry out due to almost daily downpours. I am a newbie but from pics I’ve seen online, is she at the Flowering stage? I am a bit confused. Also had a nagging gnat eating at the leaves during vegetation. Any advice would help.

She is in flower, this daily rain is bad , really bad, dont know how to help you other than some kind of cover.
If you have the option to bring them under roof ( carport, garage etc…) its time to do it…

Good luck

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Thanks a bud! What do you think about bringing her inside?

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If you have a way to accommodate her, do it !!

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Beautiful! The knats and fruit flies on east coast ar3 fierce little bastards I purchased organic pesticides to handle the issue. Be sure to hit the ground a lot because the bugs are in the dirt!

Not sure what happened overnight! Please advise. Nutrients? Ph? Watering?

My goodness. Was doing well yesterday. Please advise. Can’t purchase any miracle items until Friday!!!

Nutrient burn but can’t tell if it’s a PH issue, mine look like that if I give them something too powerful