East Coast grower. Need some final advice on my Girls

Hey yall!

I’m new to posting in the forums but have been stalking ilgm for over two years…:no_mouth:

I know you guys know a lot more than me about about growing girls & I want some professional advice…I’ve had them growing outdoors since April. And they are weeks into flowering right now, all the girls at a bit of a different speed. All gorillaglue and superskunk. All are flowering, all healthy, but when is perfect harvest time.

Now, are these photos of an early, just right, or late harvest? all are around 3-7 weeks of bloom time… i had one plant flower soo early and i had cut her down thinking it was time, but now I might have regret that I should have given her
more time to bloom…what are your thoughts?


More than 50% of the pistols were turning brown/orange and I knew it was blooming for 8 weeks, but she was a stunted 5 foot plant, not like the rest…was she not ready?? The buds are so small, look underdeveloped, but her hairs and trics said harvest I thought…

You will need to look at the trichs only on the buds to know for sure. For me I know it will be a bunch of harvests before I find what combination i will enjoy the most.


You still have plenty of time… welcome 2 the community


Imagine four weeks from now, that’s my guess… Could be six weeks but you’re bus will be fat. :grin::v:


Nice lady she will definitely bud out in the next few weeks. You gonna be stuck in trim jail

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Lol @SilvaBack203 I think I’m looking forward to it. :wink::blush:

U could take out some big fan leaves that’s blocking bud sites it will increase your yield a bit

Yea, I have been doing some serious trimming…the whole veg and flower stages. I even topped all my plants, some twice… I have actually thought I over trimmed a tad… leaving absolutely no low bud sites…

I heard that the leaves actually help alot to develop a good taste in the end product…it that true to your knowledge? Or do you trim away!?

I’m following the 21 days defoliation and 42 days of flower. I leave fan leaves that are small but big ones blocking anything I remove it

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These are the outdoor ladies so u can have an idea what I did 2 them. The 3 on pots are autos

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Yes, looking lovely… I have my ladies in the ground… large pots may be the best idea though, I have to learn what’s best because I had to deal with rough weather this year, and not being able to properly protect my girls made me fret.

Excited to see em bulk up

Beautiful lady. They are stronger than we think straight in the ground means alot of possibilities

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I’m in Virginia, where I planted four autoflowers outside in my garden and one in a pot.

No contest. Those plants that grew in the ground dwarfed the potted plant. No comparison. Just using well-amended garden soil, water and lots of summer sun. Easy.

I read about all these growers using fancy soil from a bag and liquid nutrients, and my response is to resist all that chemical crap. They grow just fine, treated like a tomato plant.