Easiest Strains for Beginners - AK47?


Someone was telling me AK47 is the best strain for a beginner to start with but I wanted a second opinion. Does anyone else have any suggestions for an easy beginner strain?


Super skunk and white widow are hard to kill, if you mean as good strain for a beginner, lol.

But seriously they are very resilient and resistant to all kinds of problems that might come up for a newer grower.



Grass … this is my second year growing White Widow. All my seeds germinated and I had a good harvest last year from three plants. This year is huge … I’ve got 7 plants (WW and SSH, but I can’t tell which is which) and they’re doing great.

Are you growing indoors or outdoors? I grow outdoors and planted my seeds directly in the soil in pots. Last year they were about 3-4 feet tall … this year a couple are 7 feet tall.

Best of everything to you.


Wow, White Widow seems like the way to go! I’m getting ready for a modest indoor grow to start. Thanks for giving me a head’s up on the strain!


I have been growing White Widow four 4 maybe 5 year’s now.
I also have just started my 6th generation of WW clones.
Ya I say go for it.

B Safe


White widow is great for beginners as is the og kush but might I suggest starting your first 2 or 3 grows with bag seeds as it would sucks to mess up good quality genetics while you still have learning process ahead of you


Yeah, I’ve heard a lot of arguments for and against bag seed but I think I’m with you on it. I’m a pretty frugal guy LOL


Why not go with the White Widow…Female seeds buy 10 get ten free.
Can’t loose
…just my 3 cents worth