Earwigs eating roots?

Week 7 of flower, one of my trees just died within 24 hours, damping or what? I looked at the roots and they look good not bad odor. I did find 1 Earwig. Any thoughts?

Sprinkle De (diatomaceous earth) food grade around the base of the plants

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Thanks toker, have you ever heard of earwigs eating roots or going as far as killing an adult tree?

Yes have them in Arizona by the abundance the will damage plants and have a nasty bite that swells and burns 2x worse than a scorpion sting.

If you see them destroy them and my pleasure. As for the adult tree depends on how thick it is (diameter of the plant) as well as how healthy it is

Weird, the tree was healthy at Thursday’s feeding. All the trees are 60" ± and all are doing well. This one just damped off for what ever reason, still scratching my head

Have any pictures it would help me help you better @harvy

second in from the top of the photo

closer look

She looks slightly underwatered in my opinion otherwise the rest look great

I would agree by the looks of her, but this shot was taken after I trimmed most of the larger fan leaves off. All of the leaves apeard wilted but they all were soggy to the touch. This is a new one to me for sure!

Likely underwatering stick your index finger in the soil if its dry all the way down she needs water