Earwicker 1st grow journal

Okay, they want me to do a journal. Wanted to wait, and now I have a seedling. This first post will be long and rambling and incomplete. Whatever. I kinda expect to get banned.

I am a retiree old old in the States and growing is illegal as heck here. I am just a little worried, since ILGM has my info, about being active here and getting doxxed and getting 25 to life Oh well.

My weed consumption is a gram a day when I have it. I usually have weed for 3-4 months, then take a couple months off. The expense and risk motivated me to try growing. If I get any flower with trichs at all I will be ecstatic. The pot will be for one person use, and I plan on throwing most of it away. Hope to keep expenses under 2000 to the end of 2020.

I consider myself incompetent, lackidaisacal, and very lazy, extremely upset by competitive environments I do consider myself lucky, except for the cancer. Probably high on a Aspberger scale. I will get upset by “You used that soil??” but will try to wave it off. Or quit the journal. I have never, truly, never taken a photo in my life, let along with a cellphone and uploading. I’ll get around to pictures. Anyway…

White widow autogrow in 2 3 gal pots and a 1/2 pint 3"(?) pot. I know you aren’t supposed to transplant autogrow but waht the heck.

Topogrow 3 x 3 x 5 tent kit in a 10x10 room, with 4 inch fan. The light is an 800w LED COB with largish two white and two pinkish bulbs(?). Just turned on today. Hung sloppily with Vivosun adjustables
An additional yellow incandescent lamp 100w for heat. Bought a bunch of filament bulbs before the law changed. This lamp is 26 inches + above the plants.
Soil is Sungrow Black Gold Natural and Organic peat moss, perlite, worm castings o.o5% N I’ll go Fox Farms next time
Levoit humidifier.
Water is mostly bottled, some tap
Apera PH50. Water test at 6.2ph and 45(4.5?) mv. Is the my EC?

Conditions: cold and very dry. It’s a problem

House temp:69 degrees F, 35 rh. I do have a portable heater.
Grow room 64 degrees 46 rh with humidifier going, outside tent (I tried inside tent got HH in two hours, quickly dropping back to 25)
Grow tent 69 degrees, 26 rh when I was using bottom vents with door zipped. Opened tent door, LED light and fan going, humidifier up to medium
Currently 46 rh in tent, 55 rh in grow room.

3 seeds soaked in water for 18 hours, transferred to damp paper towel. Seeds were cracked and showing white already before paper towels. Got two decent tap roots, put one seed in 3 gal, one seed in 1/2 pint.Tented. Next day the third showed enough tap root, put into 3 gal. Watered miserly. maybe 1/2 cup a day in a circle around seed site. No nutes.

Got the two lobe seedling in the smallest pot today. The two large pots aren’t showing anything. Two lobes on seedling show gray and pink areas. Probably gonna die. Working on pictures. How do I upload? Never done such.


Dec 14-15 germination
Dec 16 transplanted two
Dec 17 transplanted third seed
Dec 19 seedling in small pot

Addendum: Moved electric heater into grow room set at 75 degrees


Welcome to ilgm …
Best wishes in your grow …
Any questions you might have , just @ them with their name… :+1::wink:


Welcome to ILGM.


Amazing…I read that whole sentence thinking every adjective you used fit me perfectly lol. In fact, I have even dubbed myself the “lazy grower” lol.

I have put allot of work into my grow room but it was all with the intent of building it to where it would be very “hands off” and I’m finally there! I love my grow room!

Then I got to this part

You and I sound like twins in a sentence. Stage 4 Adenocarcinoma (non small cell lung cancer).

Prayers be to you my friend :pray: both in health and your grow :v:


Update:the seedling has grown from the two leaf to a four leaf stage, looks pretty green and good, maybe some stretching. The other two pots haven’t sprouted yet, but I consider it ridiculous that I have a four leaf seedling in 3-4 days after soaking. That’s fast. I was expecting a week plus. Two weeks to accept failure on those pots and reseed.

With the heater, Temp got up to 83 F inside the tent, turned off heater, but even with the humidifier room is 26 rh and tent is “LL” I will keep working it move humidifier inside tent next.


I don’t think you will regret starting journal. I’m on my 3rd grow, and everyone said I should start a journal. So far no regrets. The great thing about journal you can post as often or as little as you want or need to. Somebody will be there to help. Welcome to ILGM FORUM.

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Update: Got my second seedling. Darn, that’s fast, maybe doing something right. Took some pictures, not good, trasferred to my big desktop, need to figure out uploading,

I am super pleased with ILGM product.

Tent conditions: 73 degrees, 38 % rh.

Do I need to run the main exhaust fan now? Thinking about turning it off, got a smaller clip-on circulating fan still in box, was holding off until I had actual plants but may use for a little circulation. With open lower vents, door closed. Thinking humidity will be easier to control with more mature plants.

Was planning on waiting two weeks before adding nutes but may move that up a week. Very very weak solution of course.

Still haven’t received my nutes from ILGM, will check post office tomorrow. Give it a week, then I will order general hydroponics from amazon or talk to ILGM


Main exhaust fan off, will add circulating fan tomorrow. Tent 72, 41 % rh

Cut apart small water bottle, domed biggest seedling.

I know I am posting too much but I am having fun and am excited. I AM GROWING POT!!

Back to Lakers-Bucks and then sleep Good night y’all


My nutrients ran about 2-3 weeks behind my seeds.

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Welcome to the forum/community @earwicker

Ok, borialis, I’ll be more patient. Wasn’t planning on using nutes until second or third week anyway.

3rd plant sprouted overnight.

Reading up on environment I wondered if I was getting enough CO2 so started main exhaust fan for first time, opened door of grow room… Dropped the humidity like a rock, 55 rh before fan 28 after. so I will run fan for an hour. Heater going, humidifier going. LED lights always on. Definitely have some stretching.

Grow tent 70 degrees 21 % rh


You want your RH higher for seedlings. I would put a humidity dome over them.

Also, I would not be too concerned with Co2 right now. Temp and RH are more important.


Welcome to ILGM, @earwicker :v:

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Three plants each still with the early four lobes. Fighting stretching, gently bent the stems a little, hope I didn’t kill them, lowered the big LED a foot.Got 900 nominal watts in there, shouldn’t need more light. 72 degrees, 35% humidity. Humidifier going hard. Plants are domed. Waiting for signs of vegetation.


@earwicker. Welcome to the forum.
If it’s growing help you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place.

Day 3?

Still no vegetation. 77 degrees 30% rh
About given up on the humidity, turned off humidifier will give plants a little rest. Tent was like dripping and I could never keep it above 35-45 rh. All plants are domed. Still 4 leaf seedlings
Plant one is way stretched, will lower LED again tomorrow, but already thinking towards next grow Will stake this one with a pencil or something if I get veg
Plant two is ok fine, less stretched
Plant three seems to have developed a black mold in the center where leaves meet. Got wet? Writing this one off, will transfer plant one, small pot, to this large pot if/when three dies

Try humidifier outside tent next week, too much for a 32 x 32 x 60

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Your humidity is way to low, should be up in the high 80’s to 90’s

If your running an intake fan you’ll never get your rh up to 80-90 unless the air going into the tent is 80-90rh

I use an ink bird temp controller for the heater and an infinity t6 for exhaust,
Ink bird is set to 80F, I don’t use it for rh
I use the T6 setting for rh and temp control
T6 is set to come on at 90F or 85rh
My varnado humidifier is placed next to the floor opening to drawn fresh air in from the fan on it.

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Don’t give up, there are lots of experienced growers on here to help out. Just need to know what’s going on to help

Day 4-5

Haven’t given up, just may start over using what I have learned
Tent 82 degrees 35% humidity. A little better. Humidifier going constantly, tent flap partly open

Plant one has grown too large for the dome both vertically yech and horizontally big 2nd set of leaves yay. Nice dark green. I am seeing some new interesting change, hairs (?) in the center, think I am entering vegetation Longish stem, too much stretching.Have to support it, and this is in the small pot and will need transplantation

Plant two is ok fine a few days behind plant one.

Plant three will be written off. Can I use that soil for plant one?

Thinking about buying another humidifier