Earthy Taste


Hi recently picked-up some really good smoke, it has a very mental high.

I realize that there are 2 basic types of pot, my question is if there is a relationship between the “earthy” taste and the smoke quality?

What makes this taste more “earthy” than others?


Pot grown in good organic soil can impart an earthy flavor. But as far as a good clean flavor, it is all about how well the cure was done. Even in hydro with good organic pre-mix nutes you can get a similar flavor, when the plant is properly cured to bring out the most of that plant’s natural flavors.The earthy flavor has little if nothing to do with the potency. Potency is mostly related to genetics, what plant/strain the seed or clone came from, but keeping a plant healthy and happy through its entire life-cycle will make sure that plant produces up to its max potential.