Earthy smell and taste

So I harvested and trimmed my bud a while back. All strains that were keepers ( my WW got bud rot so I killed it) are great all have a different high which is cool and not too bad for my first time with the help of fine folks here helping fix a few problems along the way. I Do however kinda have a problem with the way all my bud tastes and smells. Still tastes and smells like pot when smoked but has a real earthy taste and smell on all strains. The buds are also " loose and airy" instead of fairly tight and compact like the good boutique bud we buy before we grow our own. As far as the quality…The Gelato puts you in couch lock,The bubble gum a real Cerebral high and the Ak47 is Quick to your head energetic but doesn’t last as long.Any feedback how to make my bud smell and taste more like the primo bud we are used to previously purchasing…in some cases the same strains being grown currently, obviously the harvested bud I grew of same strains has different smell and taste results form what I previously purchased from “my guy”

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I believe alot of that has to do with the cure/dry process. And like growing these lovely ladies, that takes practices too. Some strains do have the earthy flavor but shouldn’t be all. How long have they been in the jar?As for being airy, that sounds like a light issue.

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Yeah, airy buds is lack of light. Can improve smell and taste by using black strap molasses or a product like advanced nutrients bud candy, that and good flush before harvest, nice slow dry and cure.


Wierd…I dunno how that could be.I have 2 HLG 260’s less than a year old, in a 4x4 tent. running lights about 18 inches above plant canopy. On 18/6 light cycle. What’s wrong with that… any thoughts ?

Maybe it’s the cure I did I dunno. Hung for about 6 days or so. Trimmed ll leaf out and put in jars… burped daily… suggestions ?

How long has it been curing?

My minimum is a month. 3 is best.

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From my experience it has a lot to do on the nutrients provided during Bloom. Proper feedings will allow the plant to open up to her true size as far as nugs being loose or compact But yes drying and curing are main factors as when it comes to flavor and aromas. It’s all a learning curve I say, see what others are doing, notice what you did or didn’t do to create these flowers you are smoking and what you want to achieve as a goal.

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I agree with @Konflict the drying and curing process Is very important . I try to shoot for 10 days slow dry. In a dark place at 68 to 70 degrees With a little air movement, but not blowing directly on plants. Humidity 40 to 50 would be good. After that move on to the jar process with slow cure. At that point that’s when the aroma really starts to come alive.

About 2 months now

Ok so let me see if I got this…

First, 6-8 days slow dry’ 50% humidity, no direct fan wind. * actually I did that in a bathroom with the exhaust fan running. But I also had a fan in there that was blowing in the direction of plants on low about 6 feet away

Then trim and put in jars.

I have no idea how long this is supposed to take, but it’s been about 2 month but all still smells same. Burp the jars every day or every other for about 15 mins…please advise if I need to adjust something,

how long does this jar cure take.

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Only 2 cure s under my belt , but i was burping 3 times a day for the first week or 2, then went to once a day for the rest of the time, i enjoyed mine after 2 months, but they are still in jars now some are 5 months in jars and some are 3 months, i also kept the jars in a dark place

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The jar cure minimum 4 weeks before I try a sample. The longer the better on the Cure. The drying and curing process is something I’m always trying. To improve my skills. Sounds like you’re doing everything right . I really think it all starts with getting that slow
Drying process on the front end.

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