Earthworm tea formula help

That sounds good i am going to try and copy & paste to my notes thanks

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Well I think my ph meter is not a reliable one

Here my seedlings after 6 days they look kinda small to me

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The seedlings look about right to me for the age. They are at this time using much of the energy in establishing roots. Once they have done that the topside growth will get growing.
I have one of those meters but don’t use it anymore…it worked last time I tried it testing it against this soil meter which I do use when checking a new soil mix and sporadically during the grow.

Here is a write up I did on it awhile back explaining how I use it…how it works

lol great review Skydiver. I do have a better understanding on the count of your experiences. Im happy that i dont have to by a hand full of meters. My wife said if i by anything else. Well did get the tent done. She will get over it a few months down the road lol but really now thanks agian Skydiver

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Just started a tea brew…
Posted here on another members page…

Cool kinda looks like my beer brewing lol

Im really not there yet. I don’t have that kind of experience but in time thanks ilgm for this site