Earthworm tea formula help

I Need some advice, Well I’m trying to do an organic grow. So my question is worm poop tea I get from my worm farm will that do the trick

You can use it, but depends on the stage your plants are in.

Hello Covert
I believe as long as they have their mouse ear leaves no need for fertilizer. This will be my 2nd grow with I harvest too early. Not the greatest but she worked not very well. Short bursts of relief

First grow 4 girls one had lots of bud 3 did not one single bud at top I did the same to all 4 soil fertilizer I really should write everything down lol

Worm castings provide microbes / bacteria.


A cheap note book has saved my ass many times
There’s so many recipes for worm casting teas from a 1/2 table spoon a gallon and up i use one gallon paint strainer or fat girl pantyhose and put a aerator on the bucket for 24hr and then use

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Ok thanks for clearing that up NPK never grown anything before I was happy I managed something. How do I find out about my tea npk.

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The point of the article was that worm castings dont add enough npk to be of any consequence.
The microbes are the important part.
They add mostly nitrogen and traces of other stuff. But the microbes unlock more than the castings contain themselves.
You can make tea or just mix them into your soil.
I usually do a tea once or twice during a grow.


I just been trying to come up with a good formula I have gallons of poop liquid

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lol Thanks Spiney i did not know that was article till i clicked on it

After all its a weed right?
Back in the '70 I had a grow in my backyard all i did was put fish guts a foot or so next to my plants boy what a grow up to my waist then i was ripped off

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The poop liquid that drains out of the worm bed is very concentrated and if you decide to use that worm run off you’ll want to use very little as it is concentrated and is at that point somewhat anaerobic.

I too have a worm farm and really don’t use it (Worm run off juice) much but my cup at bottom is about full.
I do use worm castings in my soil mixed in when making up the soil as well as using the castings and top dressing into top of the soil 2-3 times during the grow.
I usually just use the actual worm castings and some other things in a brew like unsulfered molasses etc if making my own.
I usually use boogie brew mix which has it all in there.

Many recipes on line and posted on this forum.
Just do a search here and you’ll find many.

Hope this helps


Old farming technique. Dig a hole, drop a dead fish in, cover with soil, plant on top.

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Thanks Skydiver
I will look around i was hoping to find it simple, maybe not organic is the way

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Heres a couple of pictures day 6 from sprouting is it on track ?

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Looks good to me

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Ok then good so how long should I wait before my 5gal last grow i rushed it.
Thanks for the reply Skydiver

Are you asking when to move them into the 5 gal pot?
Or when to start using teas?

The pot then when the tea. Is it safe for every water or every other table spoon to a gallon

You can pot up anytime you want.
Once the leaves reach the outside of the peat pots the roots have usually reached that area too.
Looks like you may still have some time to take a box cutter and slice some slits along the sides…lower down and the bottom too…just don’t spill out the soil…I’ve done it…lol also tear the top collar off and plant so that new soil covers the entire remaining peat pot.
Be aware that they top growth will slow considerably when up potting as the plant will concentrate on growing more roots before the top foliage takes of and grows a lot.
As far as teas you can use some now if you want but as they are so small you won’t need much at all. Maybe 1/4 of a quart if that.
You can just top dress some worm poo on top of them now.

As was said earlier the whole idea of making teas is populating the soil with good bacteria and fungi etc and that makes your soil come alive and the critters will eat and shit and that exudate (poo from critters) feed the plants.
By just top dressing the poo and watering will do that but to a much less extent.

You can use teas every watering but isn’t necessary. I usually apply my teas every 3-4 weeks.
Hope I answered your questions.