Earthing your plants

I have attached a link we all should investigate, even the experts.
Only recently have sicence discovered that earthing our bodies can provide many great benefits, meaning us contacting the ground without insulation (shoes) see link
I started to think that our plants may also benefit from being earthed when we grow in pots, outside and in.
Any thoughts??


It makes perfect sense to me. I like to go walk through the woods, it resets my batteries (so to speak) I always feel better when I can do anything outdoors. So yes this makes perfect sense. And I too have thought that our gmo non natural, hormone and antibiotic laced meat. I believe that all these extra chemicals are what is creating all this illness.


When you do the walks, its best to leave the shoes behind☺.
Off the subject of growing, Im feeling great after dumping all packet
foods, dairy, grain, & SUGAR.
Not easy but try it, these products carry many terrible cccccccchemicals,
drink fresh stuff, no fizzy crap.
I grow some of my own vegies, will get some chooks & yummy animals one day.