Earth worms i.e. Night Crawlers

When I was farming outside the soil was full of Night Crawlers. They helped keep the soil lose and airie as well as leaving behind massive amounts of castings.
As a result Of the rich mountain soil and the castings I used very little additional nutrients
Has / are any of you using earth worms indoors in your organic gardens?

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Am fairly new to growing and not sure what the pro’s will have to say of the use of earthworms in the soil.
I’ve personally used earthworm soil for two indoor and two outdoor grows, using very few/if any nutes during the grow. Plants grew very well and have little to complain about. ( I did notice after cutting the plants down, that the root systems were full of very happy earthworms, doing their ‘thing’ - making happy plants and a happier grower)

I’m using red worms which is a small worm variety, which is likely different in some ways to the US nightcrawler you mention.
All the best with the grow - tag me along to your earthworm progress

I have several boxes of worms happily eating my garbage,and in return I get castings which I use to mix with promix to form a very vibrant and effective soiless mix. 10% castings makes a very effective seed or clones starter mix.

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