Early Veg Setup questions

@Skydiver Thank you. Yeah. First grow has been a series of unfortunate events. That said, ladies are looking alright. Thanks again for the information. Very helpful.

Figured I would post some pictures, as the ladies are growing at a frenetic pace. Still trying to come up with a solid plan of attack for my eventual flowering stage. I will only be flowering the best five clones instead of trying to deal with seven. I’ll be getting some rspec lights from HLG within 3 weeks, hopefully. Still contemplating the exact setup. The GG#4/Deathstar hybrid (Sarah) barely made it out of cloning, and is severely stunted. The Bloodstar beta (Billie) is small, but well developed. They will become Bay Window East/South Houseplant tenants when the time is right. :house::herb: I hear it’s nice this time of year.

If anyone sees anything that looks out of line, let me know. The Bloodstar alpha has some leaf turn, but a lot of that came from the rooting stage in the humidome. It appears some of these were flowering when the clones were taken. After roots took hold, I did give them a solid dose of 24 hours of light for only a couple days, and they reverted back to veg stage. Back on 18/6. You can see the remnants of white pistil formation on the Glueberry strains. Possibly why they are growing so sporadic. Well, here they are

Nice and healthy looking, i’ve only had one clone survive in about 3 tries and maybe 10 clones. Good job

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Yup takes a bit to fully reveg. But once they do they will explode

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@Chasworks I’m pretty lucky, no doubt. It’s my first time personally dealing with cloned or vegging cannabis plants. I’ve been cloning plants in general for a very long time, so that might’ve helped. Also, I think they turned the corner when I added my classical music regimen :notes::trumpet::violin::saxophone:

@PurpNGold74 That’s what I’ve been told. Also, someone said to train early on these or they will get very out of hand in the tent.

Tallest is :cherries::pie:. She is about 8 inches. Need to top soon, get my HLGs, then work out some form of scrog/LST for the flip. Thanks to @dbrn32 and @Myfriendis410 or I probably would’ve purchased another blurple because of my ignorance on the matter. Thanks a bunch. Game changer!


@Chasworks I feel a lot of times the cloning mishaps happen right after the cut. A lot of people wait too long to put the stem into water, and too much air gets in, essentially choking the plant. Also, most people don’t use a miticide/fungicide dip after the clones root, right before the first transplant.

I did lose 13 of the 20, and only five will be flowering. So yeah, it’s a crap shoot sometimes.

Remember, it took me 20 days for roots, and I was about to throw them all away. I’ll know to wait moving forward.

I took this cutting… like 40 days ago. She hasnt budged foliage wise. But still standing tall

Put this one in a cup outside maybe 10 days later. Forgot bout her and she just got in soil yesterday.

No cides… no hormones… just cut and into water or soil

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Those are some nice roots! The cutting looks really health and lush. Heck yeah. Love to see survival mode in plants. They wanna make it through life, just like the rest of us.

Its happy in my eyes cuz it hasnt died! :joy:. But yea. Usually u have to actually kill the buggers. Tough SoB’s

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Indeed. That’s really cool with just doing water. Cannabis is so publicized online, it’s really hard to find concrete methods, and everyone is always adding to the cloning argument. I like your natural method the best. Good stuff.

I know this isn’t cannabis, but these were Mad Hatter pepper and jalapeno pepper clones from and indoor setup. They are about 4 ft tall now and were planted on June 10th. I’ve pulled over 200 peppers to date! This cart idea will be my outdoor cannabis setup next year. The cart is grated and the growing medium is in a well aerated container (will be using much larger, separate containers for the cannabis grow). I pull the cart to a sunny spot at 8am, then move it at noon to a spot where it gets light until days end. I’m usually getting 10 hours of direct light. Then at night, I move them into an insulated garage, where the nighttime temps are significantly warmer. Figure I could probably grow a couple giant cannabis plants this way. In addition, my growing season extends as far as needed until snow because they go inside at night. Really excited about next spring!

Smart move! I believe @NavyVet420 used one of those with his 20 WWA last year. Someone else as well… workd pretty good


I’m just lazy some mornings, so I gotta be careful. Peppers don’t care about some extra darkness, but if I sleep much past 8am this spring, I’ll be dealing with a premature flowering lady!

It’s not so much to lst em early or they will out grow the area it’s just you get a desired structure based early in life while branches are young and just big enough to pinv
Ch I pinch em and tie it to the side every branch and I get an upside down umbrella…that’s my ideal shape when I got veg time I’m doing a scrog and sog at the same time right now but im building 4 49 cell 4"pvc racks that will act as the tall pots I could just not find so I though bingo PVC I can make em like 2 feet tall so there skinny for space saving but there’s still a good volume of first so I will have 196 plants in the room at all times but not much bigger or wider then the 4 inch wide pipe it in… but I will be taking out about 25 pipes worth of finish plants a week so under the 600 hlg r specs for flowering only I should be able to fill out the canopy easy and get about lbs a week if all goes according to plan but I got 6 strains now and all are gonna be clone able I got some recon seeds I’m sog real quick to not gonna get em huge… but when these nets fill out I’m flipping em how ever big they are …if I get a Male recon or purple diesel is only other strain could be a male everything else are girls so far check out me grow

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That’s a wonderful operation, and solid ingenuity to make it happen. I hope to someday get to that stage. Excellent point on the lst. I’m about to give one clone away, then move one into my house. With only five left, it’ll be much easier to manage in my 5’x5’ for flowering. Especially with the HLGs. Appreciate the feedback. Thanks.

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@dbrn32 I decided to move two of my smaller clones, and I am planning on eventually only flowering five in my 5’x5’x6’8". I can probably only afford two of these kits as of right now. Should I go with the XL model: 260W XL QB V2 Rspec LED Kit, and stagger the lights more to the edge, or should I get the normal 260W rspec kit and stagger them apart, but keep the density in the middle? Thanks in advance.

Would I be allowed to change this post into a grow journal, or possibly just link everything to a new grow journal? All the information here will be very useful to this grow and any moving forward. The ‘Early Veg Setup Questions’ subtitle can only be commented on for so long. Didn’t realize this would turn into something else. No big deal either way. Thanks in advance if anyone knows.

Im sure DB cpuld fix that for ya. But u would probably do better to start the actual journal on another thread. Itll be fine. Keep this one bookmarked for later reads

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5x5 you definitely want the 260xl. Then just play with the spacing until you feel like it’s good.

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@dbrn32 @PurpNGold74

Thanks for the replies, and lighting advice. I’ll start a journal eventually, and just bookmark this for future reference. Appreciated.


Ended up starting a grow journal in the Beginner section. Figured I would just link it here if anyone happened to be following. Cheers.

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