Early stage light questions

Hey guys! I purchased a mars hydro tsw 2000 light and I was wondering if I would be able to use this to grow from the time my plants sprout on or if this light is to much to start them with? It does have a dimmer switch… my first grow ever any suggestions appreciated!

Probably could, their own specs say its good at 30" above.
Just might be a bit of overkill for a seedling.
I use one of these 23w (100w equivalent) 5000 or 6500k color temp.
Place about 2 or 3 inches above.


Your best bet is to start with a CFL at 6400k to get them to a decent size first.

Personally I run a 200w duel spectrum CLF by sunblaster to start my seeds, and I run them on these until they are a nice decent size. So for my autos maybe 20 days or so before I switch to my 3000k QB led board to flower.

But yeah to start just run the biggest cfl in 6400k you can, if you can only find small ones, buy and adaptor and run 2 or 3 bulbs.

These baby’s are 24 days old at time of picture, I would have switch them but my tent wasn’t running… Ideally switch a bit before this because CFL’s only penitrate 6inches really.
So keep your CFL’s nice and close while adjusting lights often.


I’m lazy…once my seeds have a tap root they go straight into my grow buckets and they are placed into my grow tent from start to finish.

I’ve had bad luck transplanting so I had to go another route that works for me.

Your girls looks good.

how do I ask a question? Im new here sorry

@kadlak Start here first so you are good to go. Welcome to the Forum.
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