Early sign of cal-mag deficiency?


I don’t seed to good how far is you light? , what stain? Auto or photo? And what is you pH ? Maybe @Budz , @GulfCoastGurilla , @Covertgrower they have more experience and more better look


@Mefis it’s a auto lights about 12 inches away ph is around 6.7-9 strain is sour diesel

If that’s in soil, you need to be around the 6.5 mark on PH. The spots look like you may have dripped some water/nute mix on them, happens to me all the time but isn’t an issue as long as you don’t see it spreading. I use Calmag until week 6 flower fyi and adjust as the plant shows me.

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It does look like the start of a Cal-mag issue. But not 100% sure either die to the fact I don’t have problems.

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Welcome , tips of the leafs showing very slight Nute Burn. I see one little rusty spot you might start you a half of a dose cal-mag next time you water.
Happy growing !

This is the Plant as a whole the bottom leaves looks healthy for the most part no yellowing nor any are dieing off

I seem to be having something similar happening with a White Widow Auto. 8.5 weeks from seed. Appears to have spots on the leaves that look like a brown rust color. I ruled out fungus, as it does not rub off. I also appear to have some curling of the leaves. I’ve been watering, using Botanicare nutrients, Cal-Mag, Grow and Bloom. Only Cal-Mag and Bloom in the last 3-4 weeks. I started adding some Molasses about 3 weeks ago, just once a week. Always adjusting to Ph 6.5-6.7 after adding nutrients. Everything was going slow but well, until about a week ago and noticed the spots. What gives, any help or direction is appreciated.

• White Widow Auto ILGM
• Fox Farm Ocean
• 3gal. fabric pots
• 6.5-6.7
• PPM 1,000-1,200
• Indoor
• 300W SF
• Temps; Day 75, Night 68
• Humidity; Day 50%, Night 60-65%
• Ventilation system; Yes 4in inline 190CFM
• De-humidifier
• Co2; No

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