Early Season Flowering, Need help

So I am a huge idiot, I thought I saw a bunch of little buds but figured it was too early for my plants to be flowering so I ignored it. A buddy confirmed my gorilla glues and some other plants I started on 3/19/2021 are already flowering. I trimmed them up today not even thinking to ask any one before hand. Should I be trimming more off of these or just leave them be since I already cut a ton of buds off?


Before trim

After trim

They should go back into revegg soon… I put a few light bulbs under mine with a timer for. A couple of hours so they don’t go into flower

I don’t mind if they do flower, that would be awesome actually, anyway to help them along?

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The only way to get them to flower is to deprive them from sun light of take them indoors… outdoor plants won’t start flowering till late aug… early Sept… days are getting longer …

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exactly not sure why they flowered, I planted them in the middle of march. I’ll bring them in early so they arean’t getting too much light then. Thank you

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Middle of March outdoors your only getting about 12:00 hrs… well at least in my neck of the woods… good luck… go to time and date. Com and you’ll get your hours of daylight in your area

You put them outside too early and they started flowering because of not enough sunlight and too much darkness now as there’s more daylight they will go back into veg on there own. Some people remove some of those early flowers to let the plant focus more on growing bigger until they reflower later on.

Also you can end up with bud rot if you don’t remove the buds

even if I try to flower them?

If they’re outdoors they’re gonna reveg and the new growth can be thick around all the bud sites. The buds will start to die and or rot. Go to search and type in Reveg and you will find a bunch of threads about it

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The one thing you got going for you is theyre are barely flowering and buds are small, you might be able to get away with leaving it alone and letting it do what it’s gonna do. But I’d keep an eye on the bud sites.

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