Early Nitrogen Deficiency

Hi All,
First time grower here. 2 of my larger plants white widow auto flower are significantly larger and behind in there bud formation than 2 smaller WWAF I have.
Yesterday the leaves started drooping. The soil was dry so I watered them, but they really have not perked back up.
Today I really noticed that the veins are a lot lighter and slightly more yellow.

4 weeks ago, I transplanted into FF HappyFrog soil. I have not really given them any nutrient so since then except some dolomite like because it looked like they were having calcium deficiency.

Yesterday I fed these plants with 1/2 strength Bergman Flower Time Nutes. This is a low Nitrogen Flower Nutrient formula.

Also these plants are starting to get purple stems which I believe is also a sign of Phosphorus deficiency.

Any help IDing the issue here is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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Everybody uses fox farm here eeeehahhah I love fox farm a lot

They look really good though you say nitrogen deficiency uh you better ask pros that

I bet they smell great though yum yum

Looks more like it’s a magnesium deficiency than nitrogen with nitrogen the yellowing starts up towards the stem side of the leaves