Early LST bend for clone

I just started my LST training on this lil girl. Its a power plant clone. Usually I wait a little longer to start bending but I wanted to see how early I could start the bend. I also really wanted to start trying to lower it gradually from the light as much as possible because its been suffering a bit from light stress since it was planted on 10/16. I started bending it 2 days ago. Its recovering from the light stress a bit because thanks to reading a lot of threads on here and some other research I figured out that my light was able to be dimmed. Between dimming the light and starting the LST bend I think that the clone will be ok just a slower recovery than I would really ideally want. Here is what she looked like before the bend. When she was first planted she needed a stake to hold her up because the top active growth was flopping over.

and here is the gentle bend that I started with because I really didn’t want to pull the roots up and then 24hrs later when she started turning up toward the light again!

I figured I’d get opinions on how early others start bending their clones or even their seedlings? Like I said this is the earlies that I’ve started the bending usually I start with a FIM or topping her but this clone was a bit taller than the others that I take so I figured why not try it this way. Have a good one everyone.

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If the clone was from a mother that had already hardened off it’s probably better to let the plant get a little growth behind it. That poor thing needs more time to put some canopy on before any LST IMO.


Yea honestly I was very nervous starting the bend this early on this one but I wanted to try to get it down a bit from the light which is at the top of the closet already. I was kinda surprised it was not pulling up when I was starting to gently bend it but when I got it to where I wanted to start it I figured I might as well tie it there for now. It is a sad lil girl though because of all the light stress right after it was transplanted.
Nice noticing the hardening to. I think that really is affecting the rooting time and how long it is taking to start growing out since planting. I tried taking a longer clone from the bottom of my SCROG plant after reading it might have more rooting hormone in it and it was a bit harder than I’m usually comfortable with. The clone just to the left in a couple of the pics is a bit more of where I usually shoot for in terms of size.

So after being patient with my girl for awhile she’s recovered from the first bend and from the light stress from the initial planting and from before I found out I had to dim my qb light. Because I’m slightly impatient that meant it was time for the second bend of my girl to bring her even lower and setting her up for the eventual either topping or FIM cut that’ll happen pretty soon.

Whatever small roots that have formed are holding firm and keeping her right where she needs to be which is great news. The biggest difference maker was like @Myfriendis410 just trying to be patient enough for some canopy to form which I’ll admit I am terrible at.

and now here is how she looked after turning back up to the light after that bend…

she turned back up overnight. I’ve been trying to water her with alittle bit of Hormex solution in a circle around the stem as to not overwater the poor lil thing while she recovered from the initial rough planting and light stress but she’s getting to a more comfortable place now.