Early flowering small plant

hi all am new grower with autos and I don’t know their strain. This plant didn’t grow fast at the beginning its take time to jump up and take the shape like 1month. And now its start to flowering but she is small and I give it veg nuts to make it bigger more is it OK to get a dwarf plant with budds ? She around 1 month and half

So far all of the autos I have grown start to flower right around 4-5 weeks old. They don’t get very tall but can produce a decent amount.

Hi! Pot size?

When I should stop give it veg nuts?

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I don’t know but kinda small maybe 5L

She looks like she’s already getting buds so I would guess anytime now. New to this hobby myself on my second grow right now first time using nutes.

Should I switch to bloom nutrients or give it small amount of veg nutis?

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I vote Bloom Nutes.


Switch to bloom but small amount of it, like 1/4 tsp. for first dose then can increase after that. . However I’m not a pro. Been growing autos from beginning about 1 1/2 years. Lots of trial and error but feel I’m getting the “groove”… thanks to all the advice from reading.