Early flowering? Non auto flower

I planted 7 seeds a few months ago in 10 gal pots and they’re already starting to flower. I’m just wondering why? My first plant I started months prior in a 20 gal pot and it’s starting to get big buds but the 7 in the 10 gal pots are nearly the same height as the first one but not as wide. I didn’t expect them to flower for a few months.

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Depends on your geographical location. For example in Texas our light hours are already down to 12.5 hours so outdoor plants will be budding.


Are they outside ? Inside ?
I’m in Michigan growing 11 Blue Dream outside and mine started flowering about a week ago

It’s based on the number of hours of light they are getting, and thank goodness, they don’t wait until 12 hours of daylight because all of us in northern states and Canada have to get their plants done by first heavy freeze, usually by late October.

Seems like most outdoor growers on this forum have reported flowering starting in early to mid August.

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I live in Canada south eastern Ontario…anyways i planted my the first weekend in june mine started to flower three weeks ago and we’ve had two light frosts in a row. Plants still look healthy and strong should be interesting to see them this morning.