Early Flowering just started Aug 6!

Hi i am growing Banner and Gold Leaf and one Cheese this season. I just noticed that they all started to flower. My last two grow seasons didn’t start to show flowering until the end of August. Should i start my bloom nutes soon or wait it out for a while longer … thanks from Massachusetts !

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I would give it flowering nutrients after the transition to flowering is complete. After the stretch.

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Thanks :pray:


I search this subject for a couple days but haven’t any info. When I planting seeds I put it outdoor. The light has minimum 15-16 hours in my town. So everything gone well for vegetative stage and plant grow well. For now, my stock has been finishing and i want one plant done quickly. I moved one plant to indoor then gave 10/14 hours light period. 10 light, 14 dark. This plant quickly entered flowering stage. Everything is ok so far. But IF I move this plant outdoor again, light cycle is 14 hours day light and 10 hours darkness for these days, will my plant back to vegetative stage or continue flowering? Or both? I guess flowering stage goes to slow or stop maybe but I’m not sure and wonder. Have you ever try this?


You plant needs 12 hours of darkness to flower, but it may start to flower with 10 hours also. I haven’t seen it, but I’m sure someone has… Welcome to the community @zertan

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Yes I just did this and my plants are flowering still I went from 17 hours in to 11 out and they are still flowering. Reason, the lights suck,(chinese) much better results out. In, they looked like spaghetti.

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One does run the risk of confusing the plant when adding additional hours of light. I see outdoor plants typically begin flowering when available light drops below 14 hours. Some strains differ. I had Cali dream throwing pistils at the end of July with 15 hours of sunlight.

Reverting back to veg doesn’t happen overnight. So if you put an indoor flowering plant receiving 10 hours of light outdoors, where it’s getting 14 hours of light, it won’t just drop the flowers and start growing again. It’ll just appear to stall.
The average person may not notice any changes. If available light is shrinking, as it is now, the plant will eventually begin flowering again.

In conclusion, (I feel like I’m giving a speech). Going from 10 hours of light indoors, to 15 hours and decreasing light outdoors, will most likely just add a week or two to your flowering.


first off I love the name @Bkyardfarmer, second I live on the north shore and mine are in transition, starting flower.
welcome to the forum

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Outdoor grow, I have 3 HiFi and 3 Banana Kush
All three of the Banana Kush have started flower early, but the 3 HiFi are still in pre flower.
Here’s a pic of the Banana Kush.


Thanks ! Good to be here. I went back and checked all again. Seems one gold leaf has full flowers forming. The Banners cheese and other gold leafs are a little behind. But The last two weeks of severe heat had me scrambling ! Lol. Just hope they all make it to the finish line :sunglasses::+1:

Yeah i always grow outdoors on the deck every year…we have a great SE breeze almost everyday… thanks for the tips.

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Thanks mate. I don’t need any more week:) I’m not moving this plant to outdoor. She is good in place.

Well, can I do something to do it flowering fast?

I haven’t tried it, but some people grow with a 11/13 (11 dark) schedule and swear it shortens flowering by a week or two. Adding far red light @730nm before lights on, and after lights out, while using an 11/13 schedule is also supposed to shorten flowering. There’s a bit more to it, but that’s the gist of it.

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