Early flowering in Australia

I am in Australia, just entering 12 hr days & my seedlings seem to want to go into flower, we had some rainy weather the last few days. What to do? dig them up put them in pots bring them inside for 4 extra hrs??
I have 15 of them

How small are they? If they’re just a few weeks old it’d be best to give them more light. With 12/12 they won’t grow much more.

G’day mate, How old are your plants?
I suggest you take your image off as Australian Border force have eyes everywhere @Medicalgrower maybe even on here, so personally First i would get rid of the photo.
Remember the days will now get longer spring has sprung in Australia, then throw in Daylight saving!!
Most outside growers are only just germinating for outside crops now, roughly think of planting around Australian fathers day, and Harvest Australian Mothers day, depending on strain etc etc.
Also depends on your location in OZ obviously diff from the NT to some southern states like Tassie.
Just noticed a map you put up on another thread, so your northern NSW or around the Goldcoast?
If you have lights, you can start a tad early in the season then transfer them outdoors when the sun cycle is long enough to keep your plants in veg if you dont want to do the full cycle indoors.

Thanks, they are already in the plant bed, I could through some flueos over the bed with some blockout curtains

That’d probably do it. You don’t need to provide sun-level lighting, I don’t think. Just enough to let them know it’s still daytime. That will make the finish time later, too, though. Keep that in mind if you get frost where you’re at.

A few hours of squiglys in the morning will keep em from flowering in the morning or evening e
Edit: squiggles are 23 watt cfl bulbs a few of them on some splitters as such

that or light deprivation what ever your goal is u dont have to listen to mother nature but she is pretty good at this

Thank all, this is the status atm

You dont even need that much to keep em from flowering

And those big lights are going to block sunlight during the day …can you move em easy?

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