Early flowering hermaphrodite identification

I believe my one of my female plants is starting to show signs of male pollen sacks. But I’m not positive. I have not seen this before as I am new to growing. If it is pollen sacks can I just remove them all and keep going or would it be best to remove the plant from my flower room altogether.

Sorry. Last pic, definitely male pollen sacs.

Pretty early in the flowering stage so I am guessing it’s a hereditary trait.

I would dispose of the plant.


Toro that SOB!

If it seeds anything else the seeds are worthless and nobody likes seedy weed!

Snap, Crackle, POP!!!

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Yup. Sorry, I’d remove immediately if you have other plants in there so they don’t get pollinated :v::bear:

Yeah and idk if it’s one plant but I see sacs in all the pics besides the zoomed out bud sites pic. If it’s multiple plants you might have a light leak. Try some feminized seeds - much less of a headache. Sorry m8

Sorry , def a hermie. I tried taking the pollen sacs off but it just becomes a losing battle and not worth the effort in my opinion.

Hey quick question now this is a bag seed and I don’t know what this is but I’ve never seen it before and it happens on the center of everyone of my bud sites it’s in the center of it and it’s a round ball right there in the middle of the bud and I swear it looks like its a seed sac or whatever starting to form. Please tell me this is just the bud forming. I have pics but my camera sucks and doesn’t do good close ups but you can sortof see it on a couple of these pics

So I found out the my plant is a hermi.
That being said. It is the only plant I have in my flower tent. I have been trying to remove the pollen sacs as much as I can but obv I can’t keep up and find them all. But I was wondering since its a female with male pollen sacks. I was wondering if I took the pollen from this and put it on a branch of a female clone will the seeds end up being hermie seeds or will they be a mix of hermie and regular seeds?

Probably a mix with them being prone to hermie, or just straight up hermie seeds