Early flowering help

My friend gave me a jelly breath clone he got at a dispensary. I’m not sure what the light cycle was but probably between 16-20 hours at least I’d guess. Anyway, I put it outside and we have more than 12 hour days now. It looks like tiny white hairs are at the top of the new growths. If it is flowering it won’t make it to completion as days are only getting longer. What can I do? Not sure if best route. Cant bring it inside to full flowering and it’s not that big anyway. It probably doesn’t get 12 hours of direct light but it gets secondary light n shaded light some too during day. There are some lights from city n neighbors too at night.

Yes, if she’s started flowering your best shot is leave her outside and let her ride it out. She will eventually go back to Veg and hopefully won’t hermie

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I would leave her outside thru fall harvest. You will have a big girl

Is there anything I can do to slow down flowering or speed up veg? Like add more nitrogen or put a desk lamp near it at night?

You can keep her in veg light for 18 hours then 6 hours dark and she will go back to Veg. If you leave her outside after the last freeze, she should veg automatically and then flower in the fall with the change in season

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Left outdoors its going to do what it’s going to do, based on day length. Treated as indoor plant controlling the light cycle, you should be able to make a clone do whatever you want.

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It is already after the last freeze. What’s gonna happen to the flowers spots when it goes back to veg?

They will shrivel up and fall off.