Early flowering autos

Wow, it’s true, you can’t just plant a seed, water it, and there’s big bag of nugs… I’m growing autos for the first time. WHITE Widow. Started two seeds and planned to repot them into 3 gal fabric pots. I know, don’t repot autos. It went very well. I started LST on them and that is also going pretty well. These plants are 5 weeks old and just started to show flowering. 2 weeks ago I started two more WW seeds in 3 gal fiber pots. All of the conditions for these are the same as the older plants but I noticed one plant, 9 in high, really health, starting to show flowering also. Has anyone else had an auto that started flowering this early?

Autoflowers do what they want, even from the same phenotype. Some start flowering at week 2, others at 3, 4 or maybe 5.


Ive had autos start to flower at week 4 , what kinda of soil, and light do u have

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3 weeks is not out of the ordinary and 2 happens sometimes

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I’m using a combination of FF Ocean Forest and Happy Frog. Using a true 600 watt led for 4 plants. More then enough light. It’s really weird, the older plants showed flowering and one of the two younger plants started at the same time? I’m sure it will be ok but there may not be as many buds as could be with low stress training like in the older plants. There will be plenty of buds on these.

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