Early flower still maturing, what’s going on?

I germinated one gem gold leaf and 2 white widow in late Jan and transplanted then outdoor on Feb 10. I live in SoCal so the weather was in low 50’s by then. I guess before planting outdoor,I put them under grow light much longer than 12hrs. About a month ago, they started to form flower buds. The two white widows’s Buds seem to stabilize, no more progress and guess some even wilt away. However, my Gold Leaf seems to keep going with the buds. After a few days of light rain, I went to check on them this morning and was surprised to see how much more trichomes there are on the GLF. Even the edges of the lower leaves are thickly coated with it too. Some pistols on the buds are even get more color like pale amber. Is it possible that they will continue to mature despite the days getting longer?


Doubtful. I see either reverting to veg or turning hermaphrodite. @Big123 is in NorCal and I’m on the Central Coast. He might have some advice.


Thanks for reply. Yikes! I’ll keep an eye for the male parts. Hope it’s not turning hermi on me.

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I grew photo Afghani plants starting indoors on 18/6 light and transplanted outdoors 3/3. All my plants matured and have been harvested.

I then took 2 NL females, FIM’d them on 3/15, then decided to plant in ground outside on 3/21. They took off vegetative and are now lazily budding. If I had not FIM’d I think they would have went into flower and finished.

The one that is far along in your photos should be pulled. I imagine that it will reveg being that it’s that far along.

Cut the main cola and leave some less mature lower growth to reveg and see what you get.

My lazy budding NL plants:

What’s wrong with reveg? Why is it so bad you’d pull the plant out? It seems drastic to me. This is my first time growing so apology if I ask stupid question. I read somewhere that FIMming it alter the enzyme in the plant and it’s not encouraged. If I cut off immature flowers, can I use them for something?