Early flower how’s it lookin? (Day 13F)

So far so good into flower, somehow it is going pretty good and I haven’t ran into many problems other than myself over complicating things lol !! I found out the strain is actually a Lemon Haze, it was that or white widow but now when the stems are twisted you can definitely tell. No smell so far in the tent but the carbon filter doesn’t get here until the 7th :grimacing: lmao any tips for smell if it gets bad before then? Also how’s she lookin so far? Would like to note the leaves have a few scars from me being to rough during lst lol and I believe the orange spots are from a ph problem with my water which I just got fixed and it’s looking much better !! Plan to feed next watering with gia green power bloom n then just water until late flower, sound ab right or should I be feeding more?

(sorry about posting twice, accidentally deleted the first one)


Hi there. Welcome to the neighborhood.
Looking nice and healthy.


Hey !! Sorry for the late reply, got busy with life stuff lol, but thank you and glad to be here !! Hoping mine end up looking like yours lmao !!

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