Early flower fade

so my buddy was watching my plants and i told him to top dress for me and was fliped over into flower the same day as the top dress i told him to do 50/50 gaia green 284 bloom and the 444 veg but he thought i had it pre mixxed and he just used the stright 284 bloom it is now coming up on 2 weeks later and 11 days into flower and i see the leaves starting to flush and when i asked him i realized what he did wrong so i usually top dress every 2 weeks so i tired to feed in a few days early and gave it 50/50 of the veg and bloom and going to throw some ewcs in as well you think that should slove my problem ? or is this the start is it and might get worse i also didnt want to overload it trying to fix it quick i do have bottled nutes for other plants but i was wondering if useing come gro for the next few waterings would help stop the flush in its tracks as well anyone have any thoughts or ideas

Sounds like u have it under control

first time useing gaia green nutes so i am hoping i didnt overload it with to much bloom and put even more veg after that wasnt sure if i was making it worse i was hoping what i was doing sounded about right

U can use less than what it says on the container the manufacturer tend to tell u to use more so u can go buy more nutrients its a sales trick so if u want to you can use half of what they recommend

Can you upload some pictures?