Early development of flowers


Growing White Widow. Plants are less than 1 month since germination and PISTLES are developing along with a calyx at almost every node. Plants are 5-6 inches tall with 6-8 nodes per plant. I’ve grown White Widow before and they all reached at least 2.5 feet before initiation of bud development. Plus I am striving for maximum bud development.

Photoperiod was 16/8 with.a HPS light.

Switched to fluorescent light and a 24/0 photoperiod.

Should I remove the pistles?
What else can I do?


Are you sure they aren’t autoflowers?


Are they auto or photo seeds? Why only 16/8?

I’d put the HPS back in and run 24/0 for a couple days, then switch to 18/6.


@harsu I had the same thing happen to me. I didnt realize I had auto white widows and 28 days into the grow they started flowering.


I did not order auto. They are feminized.


They are photo seeds. I’ve put them on 24/0, so we’ll see. Thanks for replying.


They are supposed to be feminized but not auto.


It sure sounds like an auto seed. The three autos I have now flowered very quickly like yours, and my harvest will suffer big time. I am just working for quality now. I want an auto that will veg for 50-60- days before it switches…


Thank you for your input.


Are they ILGM seeds? On your order does it same they are feminized?


They are ILGM seeds and are feminized. Order says feminized.


Well, I’m stymied. Maybe @latewood has an idea.


Definitely don’t remove pistols
I believe it the 16-8 that is causing you to flower early if they aren’t not autos as you stated
I found that when i use times under 16 hour light my plant started to show signs of flowering as soon as they where mature enough to do so
I suggest you put them under 18-6 not 24 hr
all plants need there rest at 18-6 they stop flowering and revert back to veg it will add a few weekes onto you total grow times fyi @harsu


As @Countryboyjvd1971 stated don’t remove the pistils, it could affect your yield.

I think I read somewhere on a thread here, I believe it was something like an 18/6 light cycle will flower in about 5-5.5 months a 16/8 light cycle will flower in about 4-4.5 months, and 14/10 will flower in 3-3.5 along with 12/12 flowering in about 2-2.5 months.

Could be an auto flower mistake! Just guessing though.
If I was you I would just run with it! Who would complain about an early harvest!