Early budding on clones

I purchased starts from a local grower beginning of May. They are M O B strain. They are outdoor plants soon to be put in the ground. They have started what appears to be buds! What do I do, they are only 6 inches tall!May 18, 2018 12:46 AM (Europe: Paris), May 17, 2018 3:46 PM (America: Los Angeles)

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What light schedule do you have them on? I’m guessing you have them indoors starting?

they were indoor grown then given to me. i just found out that they were getting 20hrs of light! I am off grid solar so I can’t run grow lights. Will puttinf any kind of light on them bring them back to veg and should I trim off the buds? Thanks Bob

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I am a new grower so don’t have a great deal of experience. It is important to know that clones, once rooted and growing, are mature plants and should be technically ready to flower at any time.

If they were on 20/4 light schedule and you place them outdoors when the days are 12 - 14 hours long, that may be enough to trigger flowering. They may revert to veg as the days get longer. You could also add light time artificially to make their days closer to 18 hours. This might get them to veg again.

Others may have better advice but I would not remove the flowers that have started, I would just give them longer days (maybe even 24 hours for a couple of weeks). I will tag in a few more experienced folks that might have some better ideas for you.
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@nefilabita @merlin44 was right on.
Since you’re solar and limited on energy, it wouldn’t take much light to veg them back. Just small led light bulb, just until the sun is back up.

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thank you for the help! I’ve been leaving them outside till dark and then under a kitchen light overnight. I’ll let you know how it works out!


I think a kitchen light isn’t what group members meant when it was said that you should keep them under an additional light. But whatever works I guess…

I have heard everything from using grow light to using flashlight! Thanks for the help. I’ll post results!
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