Early blooming in spring

Hello i curently planted my girls in april 10 and one of them already started budding! I reckon its the rainy-cloudy weathers that has been for a while and she thought its already winter due to lack of light and started budding. My question is shes done or is it possible to get back to vegetative cycle again as soon as the weather will fix and will be more sun?


We’re did you get your seeds looks like it’s a autoflower and it got stressed from being in a small container

From kannabia seeds its baby boom strain, its not small for such little plant the one on the right is 3x the size and has no problems, also its not my first time growing i always start with small pots and there werent any problems, its first time i encounter such situation.

Sorry wasn’t trying to say your growing is bad it’s that autoflowers have a mind of there own and they usually recommend to start them in there forever home can wait to see others chime in.


Plants look healthy , the one flowering will possibly double in size. I’m assuming you’re going to plant them outside. Good luck

Yes i am waiting for a bit warmer weather and i shall put them in a greenhouse. So what your saying is she will go back to vegetative stage? Also if i trim the top with those pistils, will it stop her from flowering or should i leave it to grow one main collar. Thanks

It may be the direction the window is facing. Since you’re in the northern hemisphere, you’ll want to find a southern facing window if possible.

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Ok thank you, ill try it

@HerbGrower if it’s truly a photo plant that has flipped itself based on the lighting situation it will flip back when you get her outside in the summer weather but will stunt during that transition back to veg.

If auto get prepared for a super cute and tiny cola!! Something to puff on while you wait for the others. Tiny silver lining of positivity. :+1:t2:

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Thank you very much for the advice and information, appreacate it :slight_smile: