Early Bloom to Late Bloom Switch. When?

Title pretty much covers it I think, but I’ll expound a bit anyway…

If you use different nutrients for early bloom and late bloom, when do you switch?

If the nutrients you bought don’t come with a feed schedule then look online, every time I’ve looked I’ve been able to find one. They are based on weeks since flipping the lights to 12/12. Outdoor growing you just need to watch closely for when they start flowering and by then you might be into week two of the schedule, although it really doesn’t matter that much.

I base it on the plant itself.
If I want the plant to continue to get larger, I will continue pumping it with nitrogen (veg nutrients) all the way through pre-flowering and switch to flowering nutrients once it stops stretching.
If I don’t want it to get any larger, I will switch to flowering nutrients sometime between the beginning and middle of pre-flower.


@CMichGrower I’m not using a bottled solution. I have my own concoctions that I’m working on. They’ve been working well, but it sounds like it’s time for me to switch it up with my “big” girl. Or close. I think she’s just about done stretching.

@TommyBahama thank you, sir. That’s exactly the info I was looking for. :+1: I had already gone up on K, and my extra boost of P arrives tomorrow. So… I’ll cut my high N component down some and supplement with extra P and K to make up for what I’m losing in my 3 way that I’m using as a base. Sound about right?

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Much appreciated!